Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Are NOT What You Eat, Part 2

Last week we addressed digestive challenges created by stress and a troubling ingredient in many foods which is gluten. This week we will address an ingredient within our foods that is very often a missing but necessary component. This ingredient is the naturally occurring enzyme activity in raw foods.

It is important to understand that EVERY food that is grown, raised, harvested, or milked for us has within it the necessary naturally occurring enzymes to break this particular food down and assist with absorption and assimilation. There are two challenges presented to us in our world today in regard to this natural enzyme activity. One is that we eat cooked food on a regular basis and anything heated above a temperature of 110 degrees will be void of enzyme activity. The second challenge is that we do not consume raw proteins and fats with much regularity, thus challenging the breakdown of these macro-nutrients due to the lack of proper enzyme activity. I have some clients share that they consume many of their vegetables raw for this enzyme activity but this is incomplete. Eating only raw vegetables does not give you the full compliment of enzyme activity to assist in breaking down some of the most challenging foods which would be flesh protein, fat, beans, and even cauliflower and broccoli. These most challenging foods are the very foods that the Prime Digestive Support is formulated to assist.

The way my clients as well as my family assist in balancing the digestive system and breaking down these nutrients is with the use of the Depke Wellness Prime Digestive Support. To learn more about this feel free to visit www.DepkeWellness.com and visit the Depke Wellness Store, where you will find the Prime Digestive Support and the supplement facts on our enzyme product.

Let’s learn how the digestive system benefits from a digestive enzyme.

While we do produce enzymes that are released in our saliva, this is not a complete enzyme activity. We also produce enzymes in the pancreas that are released to the break down our foods, but this happens later in the digestive process. There is a period in this digestive process where the naturally occurring enzymes of raw food or digestive enzymes would greatly benefit digestive balance. After mastication of our food in the mouth, your meal will set high in the stomach where it will pre-digest with the limited enzyme activity in our saliva, the naturally occurring enzyme activity of raw food or with digestive enzyme supplementation. This pre-digestion can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, until the further breakdown of our food by our stomach acid production. From there the food is released into the duodenum which is the first 1/3 of your small intestine, where bile is secreted to further break down fat as well as the release of pancreatic juices, glucagon or insulin. This will assist in the further break down and absorption through the lining of the small intestines. To finish the job any remnants continue on to the colon for ultimate release from your body.

Now you can see how a digestive enzyme aids the digestive balance that eludes so many of us. Remember that most of us consume cooked food regularly which is void of naturally occurring enzyme activity. These are the reasons for supplementing with a high quality digestive enzyme such as the Depke Wellness Prime Digestive Support.

The reason I decided to formulate the Prime Digestive Support is due to the fact that many of the enzymes on the market today are vegetarian based. For those of us, that are consuming animal protein and fat, we are trying to break down these animal based macro-nutrients with a vegetable based enzyme and I don’t know about you, but this does not make sense to me. Our product has, in our opinion, the best animal based enzymes to break down the two most challenging foods for most, which is flesh protein and animal fat. The third most challenging foods I recognize consistently with clients are beans, broccoli and cauliflower. For this we added the best enzyme to assist with this grouping.

Once again for information on the Prime Digestive Support and supplement ingredients and facts, visit www.DepkeWellness.com and visit the Depke Wellness Store link.

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