Saturday, December 18, 2010

Doing Nothing is NOT the Answer

by Glen Depke

Doing nothing…REALLY! It is important to understand that what you did in the past is what got you here. If you are doing nothing, this simply means that you are continuing the exact path you are on. Is this really what you want?

Make 2011 the year of action, learning and growing with Depke Wellness!

When I am working with my clients, I often explain that the past does not dictate your future. It is your current choices that dictate your future. The problem is that most with health challenges continue to choose based on the past. Therefore we continue to reproduce the past, which is exactly what we are trying to change. Ouch, did I just say that. Are we really repeating the very experiences we are trying to run from? Absolutely, but you are not alone. This is one of the common challenges that most of us live with.

Here is a simple tool to begin right now. If you are doing something that has led to your health challenge or you believe that it is contributing to your challenges, chose something different. Anything! It just needs to be different. Understanding again that what you are doing is one of the reasons you are in your current predicament; so if you chose something different, you give yourself and opportunity to find something that works, or something to cross off your list that does not work. At least it is movement in a positive direction for you to be one step closer to healing.

To understand this a bit deeper, it is important to “get” that you are perfect. Often this is disturbing for those with challenges to hear. “What do you mean, I am perfect?” is what I often hear. “Do you think these symptoms I am suffering with are perfect?” is another.

Let’s look at my definition of perfect, which will be very different from the definition that most of you grew up with. Perfect to me is the recognition that as you are right now in this moment is a perfect reflection of life choices and circumstances of the past. So with this, as you sit here and read this, you are perfect.

Once you recognize the perfection it is important to accept it. By this, I do not mean that you want to continue this. This is a simple recognition of what is and this will be your starting point.

From this point, it is important to take responsibility for your choices in the past that may have left you with your current health challenges. Once we accept responsibility, we can see that if we made choices to be here, we can darn well make choices to improve on so many levels. Recognize that they need to be new choices though. Recycling the old choices keeps us in the same predicaments.

So as you sit in your perfection right now; assess if you like this, accept the situation, take responsibility and decide if you would like this perfection to continue. If you do not like your current perfection, it is very simple. Make new choices!

The old model and definition of perfection is judgment based and leads to individuals being “stuck” and playing the roles of victim and blame. This is due to a lack of responsibility and choice. My question so often to my clients is, “how’s that been working for you?”

Make a choice. Move forward. Create change in your life. Do this because you can, because nobody else will do it for you. Doing nothing is never the option.

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Addressing the Pain of Emotional Stress

by Glen Depke

It is amazing that the emotional aspect of our health is often overlooked as a significant contributing factor to our overall health and wellness. Often this is looked at as “in your mind” as is communicated by many doctors today. Let’s take a look at the “in your mind” aspect of your health.

First of all let’s look at the physiology of stress to your body.

When you are under stress the body regards this as a “fight or flee” situation. To be real for most of us, our stress is truly not a life or death situation but based on the perception created in the mind, your body believes that your situation is often life threatening.

Once this type of situation is regarded as life threatening, your body and specifically, your sympathetic nervous system, kicks into high gear. The response that will then proceed is recognized below:

• Your heart rate will increase
• Your blood flow will be decreased to the internal organs
• Your blood flow will increase to the muscular/skeletal system
• Your senses will become more acute
• Your adrenal glands will significantly increase cortisol production

All of this happens to give you the ability to fight or flee from your life or death situation. The problem though, is as mentioned above; it is most often not that type of situation.

This sympathetic nervous system reaction is perfect if you are being attacked by a pack of wolves but a disaster for your body if the stress is traffic, spouse, children, job, boss, bills, and/or finances. It is amazing the significant amount of individuals that wake up in the morning and are living the perception of being attacked by a pack of wolves from that moment until they lay their head down to sleep at night.

Recognize that a regularly elevated heart rate is not health building. Understand that when your blood flow is reduced to your internal organs, the digestive system struggles to do its job. Recognize that senses in a heightened state of awareness can really drive you crazy. Last but not least, the high cortisol production will create significant challenges with functionally the whole of your being.

Beside for the sympathetic nervous system reaction, it is important to recognize that there is also a chemical reaction when you are living with negative emotions. Every negative emotion will produce chemicals in our bodies that create challenges for the body, while positive emotions produce chemicals that are very healing to the body. I don’t know about you but I would love for my emotions to be producing chemicals to heal my body rather than destroy it.

There is one very simple tool that you can use to create a positive shift in this emotional stress reaction. Breathe! Yes, I know you breathe already but it will be important to create a habit of deep belly breathing. When you do this, you will increase the intake of oxygen by your cells which has a significant physical benefit to your health but there is another physiological benefit. You cannot be under stress and take a deep belly breath at the same time. We talked about stress creating a sympathetic nervous system response; deep belly breathing creates a parasympathetic nervous system response. The parasympathetic nervous system is the relaxed side of your nervous system that is dominant during times of relaxation. This aspect of your nervous system enables your body to maintain functional balance without you needing to have a conscious thought in that direction.

So what does a deep belly breath look like and how often should you do this.

Take a deep breath through your nose for about the count of 8. While you are taking this breath in, breathe all the way down just below your belly button, while sticking your stomach out to allow the full expression of your lung capacity. It is not about sticking your chest out, it is about sticking your belly out. From there, hold that breath for a count of 4 and then forcefully exhale that breath through the mouth for about a count of 7. While exhaling, be sure to be tightening your stomach muscles to achieve a full exhalation of this breath.

I suggest repeating this 3-5 times once per hour during your waking hours of the day.

Making the simple choice of deep breathing through your day will significantly assist you in releasing your stress and moving you toward improved states of health.

One side note; when you are in the midst of a stressful situation, 3-5 of your deep belly breaths will assist with clarity and release.

To learn more about your Fundamentals of Health or Energetic/Emotional Release visit these links.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Death by Strawberries


The toxins in methyl iodide are so potent that the chemical is used to grow cancer cells in laboratory settings. It can cause severe brain damage, miscarriages, and thyroid diseases.

Thanks to a decision last week by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), this substance could soon be used on the strawberries in your supermarket. The agency approved methyl iodide as a pesticide for the state’s strawberry fields, and farmers could start spraying it as early as this spring.

The scientific community has spoken loudly against the toxin. Six Nobel laureate recommended banning the use of methyl iodide completely back in 2007, and earlier this year all eight independent researchers on DPR’s scientific advisory panel expressed serious concerns about using the chemical as a pesticide.

But scientific warnings were no match for an intense lobbying effort by a Japanese chemical firm that produces methyl iodide, Arysta LifeScience, and a full-court press by the state’s powerful $2 billion per year strawberry-growing industry. In response to this pressure, the DPR approved use of the chemical at 100 times the level scientists consider safe.

Even if you don’t live in California, this affects you -- the Golden State grows roughly 90 percent of all strawberries sold in the United States.

It’s not too late to take action. California’s Governor-Elect, Jerry Brown, who has a solid environmental track record, will take office on January 3rd. With enough attention on the issue, there’s a good chance he’ll put consumers’ safety before corporate interests.

Local consumer, environmental, and farmworker groups are banding together to speak out, holding six protests throughout the state last week. California’s leading newspapers are condemning the decision. With a huge outcry, members can help push this fight over the top.

Join the grassroots group Pesticide Action Network in calling on Governor-Elect Brown to commit to banning methyl iodide as soon as he takes office. Take action now!

Fibromyalgia, Here We Come!

by Glen Depke

Do you, or does anyone you know suffer from the pain and discomfort of Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue? Have you been told that there is nothing you can do about this but find minimal relief from prescription drugs? Have you seemingly tried everything to overcome these challenges, yet find very little relief?

Well, if you have answered yes to any of these questions: here we come!

I have had extensive “practice” over the years working with clients challenged with pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many health challenges that resemble these issues. I can honestly say that when my clients follow the program as presented to them, we have always seen a significant improvement when the client is ready to make some changes in their lives. That is a very good track record just in and by itself.

Now there’s more!

I have had the pleasure of teaming up with two other leaders in this field and we are putting together our collective knowledge and “practice” to rock the Fibromyalgia world. Our Fibromyalgia Solutions team is comprised of me, Glen Depke of Depke Wellness, Susan Ingebretson, author of “FibroWHYalgia” and Deirdre Rawlings, author of “Food That Helps Win the Battle Against Fibromyalgia”. There are so many other credentials to list for all of us, so instead placing this within this blog I have link the perspective websites for each of us for your understanding and enjoyment.

Some of the projects that you can be looking for is an e-book that is being spearheaded by Deirdre Rawlings that will be available near the first of the year. This incredible book is a collaboration of 13 leaders in the field of Fibromyalgia to provide their individual incites understandings and expertise in releasing the pain and suffering of Fibromyalgia. Our Fibromyalgia Solutions team of me, Sue and Deirdre are of course included within this e-book. So watch for the upcoming release of this amazing e-book.

Our Fibromyalgia Solutions team is also releasing a live and recorded six part program on May 12, 2011 to assist the Fibromyalgia and CFS world in reaching their health and wellness goals. Definitely watch for this program, It will change your life.

Thank you for taking your time to read through this information today. I am just so excited about our Fibromyalgia Solutions team and this e-book, that I cannot hold back the excitement.

More to come…

Monday, December 6, 2010

Give the Gift of Health

Are you or someone you love faced with the pain and suffering of health challenges and you do not know where to start? If this the case, Depke Wellness has an answer for you.

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