Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best for 2013!

Dawn and I would simply like to wish you nothing but the best for 2013! You have the power of choice to make this the best year ever for your health and happiness.

We will continue to support you through the new year with weekly newsletters, complimentary webinars, health building programs and so much more...

If you missed last weeks gift, click here for a list of health building webinars from 2012. These definitely provide some eye opening information and subjects as a part of your goal for health and happiness!

Happy New Year to you all!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Gift For You!

As our gift to you, we have listed all of the 2012 Depke Wellness webinars for your viewing. This collection of webinars will provide some of the information needed for yourself and your loved ones as you continue your journey toward health and happiness. 

Simply click on the title of any webinar that interests you...


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Gluten & Cross Reactive Food Intolerance

More Than Just Weight Loss

Thank you so much for allowing us to serve your through the year and we relish the opportunity to assist in your health and happiness goals for 2013!

Dawn & Glen Depke

Monday, December 17, 2012

Do you Choose Dis-ease or Ease?

by Glen Depke

The picture to the right sums up the way we typically look at disease but let's define this.

Disease: any deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of any body part, organ, or system that is manifested by a characteristic set of symptoms and signs and whose etiology, pathology, and prognosis may be known or unknown.

Ease: freedom from pain, worry, or agitation.

Now that we have these defined, ask yourself this question. Why would you choose dis-ease over ease in our life? You may even be thinking to yourself right now, I don't choose dis-ease. 

Well, you may be surprised... 

As you can see by the definition of dis-ease, this is obviously holistic. There is not one ounce of your being whether physically, mentally/emotionally, chemically, vibrationally, or spiritually that the choice of ease or dis-ease is not relevant.

The challenge though is that we often think of dis-ease as something we catch that we are a victim of. This is fine if you believe in the Pasteur germ theory but personally, I do not. If this was true, this would mean that everyone that is exposed to any type of pathogen would be affected in the same way and that cannot be further than the truth.

At the same time Pasteur was proposing the germ theory, Bechamp was proposing that germs definitely are the result, not the cause of disease. Germs cleanse the human system and free it from accumulations of pathogenic and mucoid matter. Recognizing that we are constantly breathing in some 14,000 germs and bacteria per hour. If germs are so harmful, why aren't we all dead? Bechamp recognized that it is the health of the organism (you and me) that is the issue and not the germs.

How about that for a thought, dis-ease or ease is up to the organism and not the germ? 

So what plays into this choice? How about everything? Yes, everything!

There is not a moment of any day that we are not making choices that will either create ease or dis-ease. Often we choose dis-ease but it is hidden as a choice to quick fix some symptom. We've all done it. Had a long hard day at work, feeling mentally and physically exhausted, only to reach for a caffeinated coffee for the drive home, followed by a glass of wine before dinner and a night on the couch. Heck, I've done it myself. The problem though, is that this is leading to dis-ease.

In that moment though, a big glass of water, a short workout, healthy dinner and a relaxing evening with your significant other would likely lead to the ease you are looking for. 

Another way to look at ease or dis-ease is how we react to emotionally charged situations. Do you over react based on your emotions? Do you allow your emotions to dictate your day? Do you create stories in your mind that fuel further emotional challenges? These are examples of dis-ease.

Now to create ease, you can breathe into your emotions, use them as tools for understanding and create action plans to shift your situations all while remaining at ease. Remember to look at the facts of a situation and react accordingly rather than just to emotional expression you are experiencing . You too can create ease emotionally!

What about the dreaded germs though? 

Let's first look at these facts:
  • About 80% of your immune system originates in your gut
  • Your gut and brain are intimately connected
  • As your brain goes, so goes your immune function
  • Your adrenals play a direct role in two levels of immune function
  • Chronic inflammation leads to and autoimmune reaction
So our choices on these levels determines your immune systems ability to react to an exposure to any germ or pathogen on any level. 

The questions are:
  • Do you actively choose a healthy gut?
  • Do you choose activities and nutrition that have a positive influence on your brain?
  • Do you take the necessary steps to maintain health adrenal function?
  • Is inflammation out of control in your body?
Well, if you do not choose to take care of these areas of your body and your life holistically, you are actually choosing dis-ease. To be honest, there are many times through the year that I personally choose dis-ease. I'll know that I am making a less than optimal choice, but I also know that I am going to make choices that will create ease more often than dis-ease and I personally choose a very healing 6 week protocol at the onset of every new year to reset my body back to a space of optimal health. All choices of course!

If you want to learn about the 6 week program that I choose on a yearly basis, follow this link

I also want to be clear that since choice is involved, it is completely up to you. If you make regular daily choices of ease or dis-ease, it will show up in your health accordingly. As you can see by what I shared about myself personally in the paragraph above, I do not expect myself or anyone else to be perfect, but I do expect those that have goals of optimal health to choose ease more often than dis-ease and I would also expect you to find your reset point at least once per year. Understand where your most significant challenges lie and address these accordingly. 

It truly is not difficult to choose ease, it's just that most of us do not even recognize that it is us that is choosing it.

It's your choice, make it!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Than Just Weight Loss Protocols

I am so excited to welcome you to join me in a 6 week program that will provide weight loss and so much more! 

This second introductory webinar will address the technical aspect of the program to deeply understand the efficiency of this life altering program.

If you missed the first webinar, click here for the replay.

Last year in March, we did this program with a group of individuals across the United States and here are the documented results.
  • Average weight loss of 11.5 pounds *
  • Average loss of inches in the waistline of 2.64 inches *
  • Symptom shift from 45 severe symptoms to 13 *
  • See testimonials at the bottom of the page
While it is awesome to lose weight and inches, the most significant shift in my mind was in the symptoms. When you can cut severe symptom challenges by over 70%, this is simply life altering!

The good news is, I am offering this program again to not only my current clients but also to followers of Depke Wellness and their friends and loved ones

Even better news, I am not charging anything for the weekly guidance during this program. All you would have to commit to is the cost of your supplements. 

All the benefits and more as listed above, with my time and guidance gifted to you!

I do not want you to commit to this until you have all the necessary information, so I am facilitating a webinar to fill you in. It is very important to have committed individuals in this program, so clarity is a key. 

Have a plan!
Register below for the complimentary webinar introduction to "More Than Just Weight Loss Protocols." 

This truly can change your life!

Read testimonials below....

Glen Depke's program "More Than Just Weight Loss" has been a big turning point for me. It allowed me to finally get a sense of control over my health. In the program, I learned about the gut-brain connection, the absolute importance of having a nutritionally sound diet and what makes a diet nutritionally sound. Virtually all of my "less than healthy conditions" that I identified at the beginning of the program, simply disappeared or greatly diminished. The group dynamics really helped as well as the webinars and blog site. I've been able to carry forward most of the healthy practices since the program ended. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in excellent health and living life to the fullest.
Katherine S
I was one of the fortunate ones that got to participate in Glen Depke's "More Than Just Weight Loss" program in March of 2012. Glen had previously done the program and had reported amazing results! I was excited when he decided to do the program again and invite those of us who were interested. Years of self- medicating my adrenal fatigue with sugar and caffeine were going to be a challenge to break away from. At this point...I really felt my life depended on it.
The diet restrictions involved in the program are do-able!!  The supplements become a routine. The first few days I did experience some mild withdrawal symptoms from the caffeine. But, after that I felt great!!
My favorite part of the program was the 24/7 blog we had access to. Here we could share our triumphs and mishaps.  Ask any questions we may have.  Share recipe ideas. I'm such a creature of habit it was nice to read about others more adventurous in trying new things. If I needed encouragement someone was always there to offer a word of advice.  If someone else was struggling, I could provide support. We could offer motivation to those who needed it and share, together, as we all made amazing progress throughout the program. Glen was ever present with his knowledge, advice, insight, positive attitude and guidance. The weekly information webinars were educational and helped to keep us focused and motivated throughout the program.
By the end of the 6 weeks I couldn't believe the changes that I had experienced! I lost 12 lbs! My acid reflux was gone! I was able to wean off all hormone supplements and sleep aides! With the improvement of my energy level increased. And most important to me, the joint and back pain I had been experiencing was gone!!
Would I recommend this program...HECK YES!!! No matter where you are with your health and will benefit. The 'More Than Just Weight Loss" program was definitely much more than I had hoped it could be!!!  Thank-you Glen for putting this wonderful program together for us!

During this 6 week program I lost 16.9 pounds and reduced my waist by 3 inches. The completely unexpected benefit was the elimination of 30 years of knee pain. I now understand directly how inflammation creates pain and that I truly have to ability to control the inflammation. Basically I feel amazing on this program. Glen D (Yes, this is me. I did the program with everyone last time and will be doing it again with the group)

*Individual results may vary. Some had high levels of success while others had lessor success. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Weeds in Your Grass?

by Glen Depke

I know, it sounds like I am writing an article for a prominent fertilizer company, but actually this cannot be further from the truth. When I talk about the weeds in your grass I am referring to the bacteria in your gut.

The fuel for this article comes from a recent but somewhat normal recognition of clients with detrimental bacteria. You know, the bad stuff that is creating gut/brain issues, immune dysfunction, chronic inflammation and adrenal issues? More and more these days, I see stool collection results showing some abundant amount of detrimental bacteria. I may look at this differently if I was recognizing less protozoa, parasites, H-pylori and such, but that is not happening. Clients are piling on the challenges to their gut and it is no wonder why there are so many symptom issues for so many people.

Let's start with the analogy that I use on almost a daily basis in my practice to help make sense of this.

Think of your lawn. Let's say it is the summer months and rain has been scarce. Now if you are not watering and feeding your lawn at this time, the lawn will begin to become sparse. The sparse lawn will then allow for the growth of weeds,which do not need to same nutrient or water content as your lawn. Over a rather short period of time, if you do not take care of the weeds, they will definitely take over your lawn. I know, you see this all the time.

So what do you do if you recognize this challenge?

Well, if you are like most, you will call your local landscaper and have them come to spray the lawn with weed killer. While that may do something as far as getting rid of the weeds, overall it will create an even tougher environment to cultivate a healthy, lush, green lawn. Now if you want to do this in a very health way, you honestly do not even need to worry about the weeds. Remember, the weeds are not the problem. The problem was that your lawn became sparse due to a lack of proper hydration and nutrition. So the answer would be to feed your lawn a natural fertilizer and water your lawn properly. This would allow the lawn to grow thick and lush.

So what happens with a think lush lawn? It chokes out the weeds. Ah, ha...

We can now take that into your gut.

As mentioned above it is becoming more and more common to see abundant amounts of detrimental bacteria in the gut. Based on the analogy above, does it make sense to simply take take an antibiotic to kill the bacteria? 

Absolutely not? Now to be fair, some bacteria are such an issue that an antibiotic may be necessary but that is not the case with most that I run across with clients in my clinic. The answer lies in feeding the gut what it needs so your beneficial bacteria is heavily colonized, thus choking out the detrimental bacteria.

So how do you feed your gut this bacteria? 

Of course you go to the local grocery store and buy yogurt, right? Not so fast! The conventional yogurt in the grocery stores are pasteurized, which means the beneficial bacteria is dead. Dead bacteria does not have a positive impact for you. If you cannot achieve your goals in this manner, what is a person to do.

Here are some tips for you:
  • Raw dairy has live beneficial bacteria. This can be purchased conventionally in only a few states, so feel free to look for a local raw food coop in your area by following this link to
  • Purchase raw fermented foods such as sour kraut, raw naturally fermented pickles or fermented teas such as kombucha. My wife Dawn, makes this at home for a small fraction of the cost of store bought. Actually, I am drinking one as I am writing this article. For instruction on how to make your own kombucha follow this link
  • You can also make your own raw fermented vegetables. This is another benefit we enjoy at home. There are many avenues for learning how to do this by simply doing a Google search for making homemade fermented vegetables.
*If you are purchasing any of the above products at a store, please be sure they are not pasteurized and typically the word "raw" will be on the packaging or labeling for you. 

If you feel that making fermented food or drink is too much of a hassle, I get it. Notice I mention that my wife makes this for us, not me. Trust me, I am thankful for this. You may also find that you do not have the availability to purchase raw food or drink for yourself locally. If this is the case, you still have hope by using a quality prebiotic/probiotic. I say both pre and pro because the prebiotic truly sets up the best environment for optimal utilization for the probiotic. Depke Wellness does have a private formula that contains not only the prebiotic but also a 20 billion count of assorted probiotics AKA beneficial bacteria. 

For more information on the Depke Wellness Prebiotic/Probiotic Formula, call our office at 949.954.6626 or email me at

In the end, recognize that the weeds are not the issue, it is the lack of a thick, lush, green grass that is truly the issue.  

That is your beneficial bacteria!

As a little tidbit of info for you, there is more bacteria in your gut than there are cells in your body...make sure it's good bacteria!

If you have a question or comment about this article, leave this below and we will respond personally.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Diabetes, Obesity and Chronic Inflammation

by Glen Depke

OK, so what does diabetes, obesity and Sugar chronic inflammation have to do with each other?  

How about everything!  

Any one of these challenges can easily and silently lead into the others. I say silently because this is often asymptomatic. People often go years without knowing they have chronic inflammation and blood sugar issues because the body has it's own ways of compensation that maintains the best balance possible. While it is a gift that our bodies have this capability, it is often a long term challenge because we are not dealing with the issues that may become our long term demise.

Not that obesity does not go unnoticed but it often is not dealt with because when diet and exercise don't seem to work, people do not know where to turn.

So how do these lead into each other?

If you want to learn about this in a live or recorded webinar register here.

Let's first start with the noticeable, which is obesity. When we increase fat cells in our body, this is one of the triggers for inflammation. When the inflammation itself becomes chronic, this can lead to further blood sugar instability, insulin resistance and finally to diabetes. The same pathway that creates this response also leads to increased inflammation.

The inflammatory trigger can look much different. The triggers for chronic inflammation are food intolerance, mental/emotional stress, infection and obesity. Once the inflammation is triggered this can not only lead to what is mentioned above, this can also lead to autoimmunity. This autoimmune reaction can lead to an attack on your pancreas and an eventual diagnosis of Type II Diabetes. Even this would be diagnosed as Type II, it is often a misdiagnosed autoimmune destruction of your pancreas, thus leading to more weight gain and inflammatory issues.

Now from the diabetic aspect. Once you have developed diabetes, your body has already had long term issues with dealing with sugar. Blood sugar is out of control, insulin resistance is already a long term challenge, and your pancreas is simply not playing its regulatory role with blood glucose levels. This ultimately leads to weight gain and chronic inflammatory states.

Now there is the person which I call "skinny fat" that is dealing with these chronic issues yet weight gain is not a challenge for them. This is often tied in a "wasting syndrome" the develops from the chronic inflammatory state. This can often be much more challenging than someone that is obese.

Please understand that just because your skinny, does not mean your out of the woods.

So if you think any of the patterns are a challenge for you, what's next?

Before you do anything else, it is of utmost importance to take care of fatigue after meals and inflammation. 

The fatigue after meals occurs when glucose is too high, thus creating one of or both dynamics. Either increasing triglycerides or a production of free radicals that that can damage the nerves, blood vessels or kidneys. For this you would eliminate potential inflammatory foods and likely add in some supplementation to assist in blood sugar regulation. One that is often mention is the mineral chromium but there are others that can assist as well. I mention the inflammatory foods and supplements because as mention earlier, just removing sugar and exercising itself, often does not fix the issues. Click here to learn more.

The other first step is to create an anti inflammatory affect. This is extremely important because the inflammation alone can create obesity, insulin resistance and even a autoimmune diabetic condition. This is addressed nutritionally as well as the use of supplements. Once you are in the chronic inflammatory condition, the supplements are needed to push you out of the inflammatory feed back loops. The key is diet, and getting the correct aggressive dose of the proper anti inflammatory supplements to allow your body to rid itself of this ugly pattern.

If you want to learn more about "More Than Just Weight Loss" register here.

Any questions, please leave these below to be addressed personally.