Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Celebrate 100 Consecuctive Depke Wellness Newsletters!

by Glen Depke

Today is actually number 100! Yes, this is 100 consecutive weeks of research, articles, blogging, and releasing health information to you.

I have to say that it is a pleasure for Depke Wellness to provide this for you and we trust that you can feel our joy and excitement through our articles, blogs and videos. This is all a labor of love, except of course for the occasional technical difficulties. LOL!

With all the excitement behind us we want to share that there is so much more building. Coming up as we speak, our website, newsletter and blog is undergoing quite a facelift. We are going to be providing additional online assessments to...
  • Assess your Nutritional ID
  • Assess your Adrenal Fatigue
  • Assess your Gluten Intolerance
  • Video introduction into the healing protocols used by Depke Wellness
  • And so much more
We are also changing the Depke Wellness Store...
  • Adding a Kids Supplement area
  • Adding the line of homemade soaps, candles and so much more from Dawn's line of sacred scents
  • Increasing the video availability of every aspect of Depke Wellness Protocols
  • Adding more easily absorbed and assimilated liquid based supplements
We also wanted to share that we are going to be offering a variety of games, giveaways and fun in building our newsletter list this year. We have been sending our newsletter to approximately 1100 individuals over the past 2 years and we are making the commitment to reach out to 10,000 total by the end of 2012.

For every new person that views our newsletter, blog and website, that is simply one more person that will be provided with a deeper level of understanding in regard to natural health, natural healing protocols, and the underlying core values of our health and happiness.

Remember, Depke Wellness is not only about wellness for yourself, but Wellness for the World!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beat Holiday Stress

by Glen Depke

Seeing as Christmas is only 5 days away, I am sure you are already engulfed in holiday spirit right?

Maybe if it's the spirit of the holiday Grinch I suppose.

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones that shopped early, had everything wrapped by December 1st and all there is left to do is attend some exciting gatherings.

So what are the rest of us doing?

Running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Still looking for those last minute gifts, fighting the crowds, stressed about the cash we've already spent, stressed about family members visiting, worried about getting every nook and cranny cleaned in the house...you get the picture. I am sure many of you could add to this list many times over.

So here's some tips to turn these last 5 days into something joyous rather the stressous. Do you like my new word, stressous? Anyway here you go...
  1.  Breathe, yes breathe! When you are under stress your breath will become shallow and your fight or flee end of your nervous systems takes over. Yikes! This is no way to spend the holiday season. When you notice that you are feeling stressous, take 3-5 really deep belly breaths to shift you into the calming nervous system reaction. This plays such a huge roll in your whole body's function.
  2. Drink lots of water. We all know that there are many parties at this time of the year and often this leads to an over consumption of alcohol. ALWAYS have a large glass of water between every alcoholic indulgence and be sure to show up at the parties properly hydrated. 
  3. Consume a healthy snack or small meal prior to going out. This will ensure that you have proper nutrition already working on your side, keep you from indulging in too many sweet holiday treats and ensure that you will not be drinking on an empty stomach. That is a definite no, no.
  4. Be prepared that things often don't work out as planned but trust that they truly always work out. Due to the increase in people, places and things to do, this will puts us into the dependency of others much more significantly during this time of the year. If you are expecting the stores at the mall, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Harriet, or that perfect parking spot at the mall to work out as plannned...good luck with that. Remember that you have very little control of the things around you but have complete control of your reaction. If you do not set your expectations of everything working out perfectly, it typically makes it easier to take the challenges in stride. If you're one of my perfectionists out there, you know who you are, be sure to roll with the changes. BTW...that would also be a good time to breathe.
  5. Get yourself organized. Often with so few days left we simply begin to wing it and what typically happens when we wing it. We forget. Whatever it is that you have left to do over the next 5 days, write it down. When you are stressous rather than joyous, your memory often does not work as well. If you have a list, you can simply cross things off the list and release the stress. Unless you lose the list of course. LOL!
  6. Make your gatherings a pot luck. I remember my Mom on the holidays would do everything. All the cleaning, cooking and running around. Ladies, don't do this! Have others in the house help with the cleaning, somebody can make grocery store runs for you and for heaven's sake, have your guests bring a dish. I'll even give you a little secret, come closer so nobody else hears this, most people love to bring a dish and feel as if they're a bigger part of the gathering and feel included, loved, appreciated. You get the picture.
  7. Do chores in the party atmosphere of a group. Still working on the last minute holiday cookies, wrapping or one of the other hundred things to finish. Well, invite some friends or family over to help and create a party atmosphere. You will not only make your chores enjoyable but likely you will be assisting other family/friends by getting them out and having fun also.
  8. Take a time out. I know this used to be your punishment when you were a kid but as an adult a time out can be completely rejuvenating. Just 20 minutes in a warm epson salt bath can shift your day in such a positive way. This will assist with your mental/emotional state and leave you with some positive physical results also.
  9. Be sure to get enough sleep. So often we become sleep deprived during the holidays. Look at it this way. If you are rested and enjoying high physical energy and mental clarity, you will accomplish all your goals with much more ease and life will occur faster for you. Miss your sleep and everything slows down and takes forever. I'm sure you already get this, but how easily we forget.
  10. Lastly, when it seems like you have stuck in a stressous rather than joyous state, stop yourself. Take a few minutes to write a list of everything you are thankful for in your life and watch the joyous energy build. This simple tip can shift your entire holiday season. I know you have so many things in your life to be thankful for but it only matters if you know.
Instead of questions or comments to me for today's article, please share what it is you do to relieve holiday stress. The tip you leave may be the exact shift that somebody else needs during this holiday season. Remember the goal is joyous, not stressous!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Should YOU Eat Meat?

by Glen Depke

This is a significant question these days for many of my clients. I will share that for most, this is a definite yes. I also have to share that the answer to the question often is not that simple though. Let's look at this from a few different vantage points today.

First of all, there are many people that do not digest meat that well. I would first suggest that the meat itself is not the issue. Poor digestion is typically the issue here. This could be due to a lack of proper enzyme activity, poor bacteria balance, lack of stomach acid production or GI distress such as some type of pathogenic challenge. This could also be an issue due to eating while under stress or from simply not chewing your food thoroughly. Once these areas are addressed, it is amazing to see the improvement in the breakdown of meat overall. It is of utmost importance to address these areas though, due to the fact that meat that sits in your GI tract for too long will tend to putrefy and lead to added toxicity, which is never a positive for you. Follow these simple steps below to reach optimal digestive function.
  • Take a quality probiotic, digestive enzyme and HCL supplement if meat breakdown is a challenge
  • Always chew your meat sources very well
  • Deep breath before and during meals to allow for proper digestive function
  • Assess possible pathogens with your holistic health practitioner
The other area to understand within this question is the reality that we are all bio-chemically different. While one person my excel eating red meat or higher fat, heavier seafood such as shrimp or salmon, another may actually be challenged with this. Some are best to keep their meat consumption to light chicken or turkey or lower fat, lighter seafood such as tilapia or orange roughy. Some individuals actually require meat with regularity while others may actually do fine with very little meat with additional plant based proteins. Remember, we are all bio-chemically different!

Understanding your Nutritional ID is so important to make this distinction. This goes back to the same saying made by Hippocrates some 2600 years ago, "One man's food, is another man's poison." This is just as true today as it was so many years ago.

Thankfully by the beginning of the year, DepkeWellness.com will be providing the Nutrition ID evaluation on-line at no cost to you. This will provide you with the basic understandings and guidelines for making proper nutritional choices that are best for you as an individual. As we get closer to the launch date of the Nutritional ID assessment, we will address this on a much deeper level for your understanding.

Lastly today, I would like to focus on quality of your meats. I am never one to recommend meat that is grain fed, farm raised seafood, or any meat source this is in an unhealthy environment, eating poor quality food and pumped with hormones and anti-biotics. This would not be considered healthy in my opinion. Using smaller quantities of healthier meat choices goes a long way in providing your protein needs. Companies such as Vital Choice and Blackwing Meats are some of the sources that I use and enjoy personally.

I would like to close by sharing once again that meat itself is typically not the issue. The issues with meat are generally tied into poor digestion, the consumption of poor quality meat or eating the types of meats that are challenging to your own personal Nutritional ID.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave this below and I will address these personally.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Can't I Sleep? Part II

by Glen Depke

Last week we addressed the multiple areas of sleep challenges in regard to melatonin production. Hopefully you have already begun to address the areas in your life that hinder this production. Remember also that it was mentioned that adding melatonin in a supplement form is not necessarily the answer.

So why not?

Well, melatonin is what I refer to as an end result hormone. When you look at the sleep cycle pattern it looks like this.
  1. Proper consumption of necessary proteins
  2. Proper breakdown of these proteins to supply the essential amino acid L-tryptophan
  3. Conversion of L-tryptophan into 5-HTP
  4. Conversion of 5-HTP into the neurotransmitter serotonin
  5. Conversion of serotonin to melatonin
With this you can see that adding melatonin does not fix the issue. It may be a quick fix, but that will be it.

So you can see that a disruption is sleep patterns can easily be created by poor diet or poor digestion. If you are not eating nutritional sources that contain tryptophan or if your digestive integrity is challenged, the cycle never really begins for you. With this in mind, be sure to add food sources that contain typtophan such as milk, tuna fish, soybeans, turkey, eggs, almonds, cabbage, kidney or lima beans, oats, pistachios, poppy seed, pumpkin seed, and spinach.

The next step is to be sure you can break down these foods properly by eating in a relaxed state (a few deep belly breaths go a long way), chew your food well and take a quality probiotic and digestive enzyme.

If you still find yourself struggling, you could add a L-tryptophan supplement 30 minutes prior to bedtime. It often helps to take this with a half/half mixture of grape fruit juice and water. This will not only assist with sleep but will also assist with B vitamin production.

Now, not every poor sleep pattern is tied into a poor sleep cycle. Very often it is tied into hormone imbalances, especially in regard to your adrenal glands. The cortisol produced in your adrenals for normal body function as well as a reactionary production due to physical or mental/emotional stress is often a significant issue. To understand, for proper hormone balance your cortisol and melatonin would typically be exact opposites of each other. When cortisol is up, melatonin would be down and likewise. Often when individuals have poor adrenal function, the cortisol levels are too high or too low, thus affecting the melatonin levels. To assess adrenal function and follow an adrenal balancing protocol I would recommend testing adrenal function with a comprehensive adrenal saliva test.

End results...poor sleep cycles.

If your sleep cycles are not providing you with the rest needed and energy desired, look at both the sleep cycle patterns mentioned above and/or your adrenal function. 9 out of 10 times, I see one of these two areas being the most significant challenge for my clients and often both are an issue.

Remember that within a healthy sleep pattern, you easily fall asleep, sleep soundly through the night and wake up rocked and ready to go. If you are not finding this to be the norm for you, find the imbalances and fix them before it becomes a significant issue for you.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to post this below.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Can't I Sleep? Part 1

by Glen Depke

There are many factors that would define poor sleep cycles. The inability to fall asleep easily, waking often through the night and/or waking without feeling refreshed are the most significant issues and often individuals will suffer with all of these challenges. What I can share though, is that regardless of your sleep challenges, there is hope and finding the underlying components and balancing this is the key.

What, you mean it's not taking melatonin?

I know, you have already heard that all you have to do it take a melatonin supplement, right? Let me tell you that based on my years of practice with my clients the use of melatonin supplementation is not the answer.

While melatonin does play a significant role in your sleep cycle, the use of this from a supplemental aspect does not fix the problem for you. The first step is to recognize what is creating the low melatonin levels in the first place and next week I will address the underlying factors in part 2 of this sleep series.

Print out the list below and take out your highlighter to mark the areas in your life that are challenging your melatonin production. This will shed some light (pun intended) on a subject that can change your life.

These Substances Interfere with Melatonin

Caffeine interferes with the endogenous production of Melatonin

Pharmaceutical Drugs
Aspirin interferes with the endogenous production of Melatonin
Benzodiazepines lower the endogenous production of Melatonin
Beta-Blockers lower the endogenous production of Melatonin
Ibuprofen interferes with the endogenous production of Melatonin  
Pharmaceutical Corticosteroids interfere with the endogenous production of Melatonin
Prozac (a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) lowers the body's Melatonin levels

Recreational Drugs
Excessive consumption of Alcohol (ethanol) inhibits with the body's production of Melatonin
Tobacco interferes with the endogenous production of Melatonin

These Factors Interfere with Melatonin

Aging Process
The onset of the Aging Process decreases the body's production of Melatonin:

Age: Plasma Melatonin Levels
(Picograms per ml)
       Males Females
20  1,000  880
30    900   830
40    800   780
50    700   700
60    600   600
70    500   540
80    400   500 

Aging itself is not an excuse for low melatonin. The fact that most are becoming less healthy as we age is the bigger factor.  

Altered Lighting
The use of Sunglasses impairs the entrance of Sunlight into the Pineal Gland via the Eyes, causing reduced production of Melatonin

Cardiovascular System
Ischemic Heart Disease interferes with the body’s nightly secretion of Melatonin (Ischemic Heart Disease patients have been found to have significantly depressed nightly secretion of Melatonin compared to healthy persons)

Electromagnetic Radiation
Some forms of toxic Electromagnetic Radiation suppress the body's production and secretion of Melatonin
Exposure to Light during Sleep inhibits the secretion of Melatonin from the Pineal Gland.

Immune System
Several forms of Cancer interfere with the body's production of Melatonin (by decreasing the body's production of Interleukin-2):
- Breast Cancer
- Colon Cancer
- Lung Cancer
- Prostate Cancer
- Stomach Cancer

Exercise (when undertaken in at night) lowers night-time plasma Melatonin levels

Nervous System
Excessive Stress depletes the body’s Melatonin levels.

Sexual System - Female
The greatest decline in Melatonin production and secretion occurs during and after Menopause in women

These Factors Interfere with the Potency of Supplemental Melatonin

Melatonin supplements are highly susceptible to degradation by Heat - Melatonin supplements should therefore be kept tightly closed and refrigerated.

Since I mentioned that melatonin supplementation is not the key, look for next weeks article to recognize the key underlying factors in sleep cycle challenges. In the mean time, make it a point to address the factors that you discovered today that may be creating some melatonin deficiencies at this time.
If you have any questions or comments please post these below for me to address personally.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What the Heck is Glutathione?

by Glen Depke

Really, what the heck is glutathione?

I know you have all heard that a picture is worth one thousand words, so all you have to do is look at the pictue to the right here and you will see what glutathione really is. Let me guess, this did you know good whatsoever? I get that seeing the element formula for glutathione does most no good at all.

So what would help?

Maybe a definition? OK, here you go. Glutathione is a sulfur containing, water soluble endogneous tripeptide composed of 3 amino acids. I get it, still no help.

Instead of looking at the elements or getting into a scientific definition, let's look at this simply. Glutathione is a primary anti-oxidant that is produced in your body that actually enhances the benefit of every other anti-oxidant. In my practice I focus on glutathione levels to significantly improve auto-immune issues, inflammatory challenges, gut barrier breakdown, blood/brain barrier breakdown, chronic pain and so much more. Understand that this ties into so much more. Beside for my focus in my clinic, here is a list of  function that depend on adequate glutathione levels.
  • Anti-aging
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Cell regeneration
  • Digestive issues
  • Kidney function
  • Eyes/vision
    • Prevent cataracts
    • Recovery of eye surgery
  • Protects hair follicles
  • Immune system
  • Metabolism
  • Nervous system function
    • Alzheimer's
    • Depression
    • Parkinson's
    • Schizophrenia
  • Enhances absorption of essential minerals
  • Natural detoxifier
  • Protection against damages due to aspirin and NSAIDs
  • Protection against the damage due to alcohol consumption
  • Protection against the toxic effects of smoking
With this said, I trust that you understand the importance of adequate glutathione levels in your body.

Let's now discuss what inhibits the production of glutathione. First of all cooking destroys all glutathione levels in your foods and it is also important to understand that glutathione is basically unavailable bio-chemically as a supplement.

Here is a list of substances that interfere with glutathione.
  • Cadmium deficiency 
  • Excessive copper and iron
  • Hydrogen peroxide destroys glutathione
  • Excessive consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • Mercury toxicity
  • Aspirin and NSAID use
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Intense exercise or endurance exercise
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Severe stress
So what is a person to do? Glutathione is so important, much of what we do in life depletes our bodies ability to produce glutathione and it is so poorly absorbed as a supplement. My recommendation is to increase the nutrients needed to produce glutathione which is N-acetyl cysteine and L-glutamine. There are also other ingredients that enhance this production. I also recommend using a cream for vascular absorption of glutathione. I find that the combination of increasing the underlying nutritional components as well as the vascular cream goes a long way in substantially increasing your glutathione levels.

Feel free to leave a post below if you have any comments or questions on this subject or you can call my office directly at 949.954.6226.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Can Detoxification Kill You?

by Glen Depke

Before we get going here let's look at some simple facts. The exposure to mercury is an almost inescapable consequence of human life, we are constantly exposed to an incredible amount of new chemical substances daily, with little or no testing to its affect on us as humans, and we are ALL toxic. Yes, you heard me. We are ALL toxic. Of course this will be to varying degrees but this is the truth none the less.

So what's a person to do?

Well according to the old paradigm in regard to detoxification you would use a urine or hair sample to "measure" the amount of toxins in your body and your health practitioner would then share the dangers of living with these toxins. From here you would receive the dissertation on the need to remove these toxins to regain your health and happiness. At this point you would learn of that particular practitioners favorite way of addressing or chelating the toxins and away you go. Now of course if anything went wrong it would simply be explained as detoxification symptoms. I think most or many of you are familiar with this story.

I have to honestly share that this is what I used to do in the past but there always seemed to be something with this that never made sense to me. Why would feeling better often feel so bad? That was the question that I always had for myself. Due to this questioning of the paradigm that I was taught, I have always taken a less than aggressive approach with detoxification and I trust that my clients are very happy about this.

Well, let me tell you, there is a new sheriff in town. I've always wanted to say that...

No really, there is more to detoxification that is not generally understood. First of all, it is recognized in multiple studies that most of the toxins that are removed via chelation type therapies actually simply transfer the toxins from the tissue into the brain. What, toxins in your brain! Yes, it is insane but often the case.

This is due to the fact that most individuals that are chemical sensitive don't simply have a toxicity issue, they have a chemical tolerance issue. This means that their ability to live with their toxic load is significantly lessened and they often live in constant pain and agony from anything new in their environment. I don't have to point this out any further, you know who you are.

If this is you, please understand that measuring your toxic load is of very little importance but addressing your lack of chemical tolerance is of utmost importance. If you go through chelation or any type of aggressive detoxification, the chemical load on your brain will seem insurmountable. If you have experienced this, I do not need to go any further. You already get this!

So why does this happen and what can you do about it?

This actually develops in two stages. First there is and initial yet profound breakdown in your natural tolerance. This then leads to a triggering of immune responses by small quantities of previously tolerated chemicals, such as exhaust, fragrances, foods, drugs, and often supplements. This reactivity to the environmental triggers can  lead to asthma, migraines, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and autoimmunity.

Remember that it is not only the exposure to the toxin, it is the individuals lack of chemical tolerance that creates these issues.

So what creates the loss of chemical tolerances?

There are four significant challenges that create this as listed below.
  • Depletion of glutathione recycling
  • Regulatory T-cell failure
  • Breakdown of the barrier systems
  • Cytokine Dysregulation
While I understand that most do not know what I may be talking about here, I listed this so you can question your health care practitioner to discuss this.

I find that one of the most significant factors within my client base is tied into the depletion of your bodies ability to create and recycle glutathione. Glutathione is your body's primary anti-oxidant that also acts as a boost for all other anti-oxidants within the body. The lack of this proper recycling of glutathione leads to the breakdown of the blood/brain barrier, thus allowing chemical toxins to invade the brain. This often leads to an array of symptom challenges and brain inflammation that may seem unbearable.

This is why I say that you will not likely die from detoxification but you may wish you could.

In regard to your body's glutathione, I want to share the two biggest factors in this depletion, which are alcohol and stress. Any combination of one of or even worse, both, can lead to significant challenges with the loss of barrier function and lowering of chemical tolerances that can throw your health and balance completely out of control.

For those the would like a simple test to understand the balance and integrity for your blood/brain barrier balance and integrity, feel free to register for a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation with me personally  or call my office at 949.954.6226. This is too significant of a challenge to ignore.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lose Weight / Gain Energy!

by Glen Depke

For most, you have tried countless ways to lose weight and/or increase your energy. Heck, who does not want to be leaner and rock their energy all day? Today we are going to address this from an uncommon  perspective on this subject.

This perspective is based on improving your digestion. I know, how the heck is improving your digestion going to improve your energy and help you lose weight? Read on for these answers...

First of all let's recognize that you are NOT hungry to fill your stomach. You are actually hungry to produce energy. You produce energy through glycolosis or beta-oxidation which is basically how your body takes the proteins, fats and carbohydrates you eat and converts these to energy.

So for somebody that has poor digestion to the point that you are not absorbing and assimilating your food properly, you may recognize this pattern. You eat a meal to the point that you are full because the trigger for hunger is never shut down until the stomach is full. At this point, you then have a craving for some type of desert or sugary food or drink. This craving occurs due to the lack of energy production and to be honest, we have all had sugar enough for our body to know that it is a quick fix for energy.

Now, if you had proper digestion and you were absorbing and assimilating your food properly, the trigger for hunger may be cut off long before your stomach is full and there would be potentially zero cravings for sugar.

When your digestion is improved you not only require less food but your production of energy will improve. This is a real win/win situation for all of us!

Obviously you already understand the result of less food and no sugar cravings. Yes, you guessed it, weight loss and increased energy!

Let's talk about some simple ways to improve your digestion.
  • First of all get yourself into a relaxed state before meal time by taking 3-5 deep belly breaths
  • Be sure to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly 
  • Take a quality probiotic before meal time such as the Pure Probiotic GI
  • Take a quality digestive enzyme with your meal such as the Depke Wellness Prime Digestive Support
By following these steps above, it will then be up to you to cut back on your portions with confidence knowing that you are increasing your absorption and assimilation, which in turn is assisting in weight loss and energy gain. Love it!

I would also add that a good next step is to then assess your Nutrtional ID, which will be available for FREE at DepkeWellness.com by January 1st of next year. Just a couple of short months to assess your Nutritional ID for FREE!

If you have any questions or comments on this article, please leave this below for me to answer personally.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness...Really?

by Glen Depke

Every time I go to my local food market this month I get asked the same thing, "Would you like to donate to breast cancer research?" Every time I reply the same, "I would love to, as soon as it is being used for cancer prevention."

I honestly have nothing against scientific research and discovery but doesn't it simply make more sense to educate women on the proper steps needed to prevent contracting breast cancer? It sure does to me...

I also feel that it is so important to educate women on the need for self examination, how to accomplish this, risk factors and signs or symptoms of breast cancer. Our current "awareness" addresses this and for that I am thankful. But really, where is all the money going? You may be surprised at times where it is actually going but one thing you can be darned sure about, it's not prevention.

Before we go on let's look at some stats. Women in the United States get breast cancer more than any other type of cancer except for skin cancer. It is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer death in women. Each year it is estimated that nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die.

With this said, doesn't it make sense to focus on prevention? Instead of putting all the time, energy and money into research for after the diagnosis, how about putting some time, energy and money into teaching women how to live health lives without the fear of breast cancer?

So here is my contribution to women living happy and healthy lives.

Steps for Prevention:
  • Number one on my list is for women to learn to nourish themselves. More often women spend most of their lives nourishing everyone else at the expense of their own health and wellness. Take time each day to be "all about you."
  • Eat less sugar. Sugar consumption, especially fructose, has such a detrimental effect on your body on so many levels.
  • Work on emotional release for any built up suppressed emotional trauma.
  • Focus on proper nutrition, right for your Nutritional ID, as nutrition plays a significant role in prevention.
  • Add vegetable juicing as a part of your routine per your Nutritional ID.
  • Maintain a Vitamin D level of at least 50.
  • Be sure to get adequate amounts of vitamin A.
  • To achieve a good ratio of your vitamin A and D the use of cod liver oil is recommended.
  • Increase your Omega 3 Fatty Acids through supplementation as well as nutritionally.
  • Maintain healthy zinc levels.
  • Stay away from non-fermented soy products. If you use soy, only naturally fermented such as natto, miso, tempeh and soy sauce. 
  • Drink approximately one quart of water for every 50 pounds of body weight daily.
  • Take care of all your fundamentals of health.
  • Assess your likelihood of gluten intolerance and eliminate this if it is an assessed challenge.
  • Stay out from plastics in regard to food and drink and never use plastics while heating foods in the microwave. Side note: stay out of the microwave all together.
  • Do not use birth control (the pill).
  • Assess your adrenal function.
  • Maintain a healthy gut with the use of probiotics and digestive enzymes.
Following these tips will provide you with the best internal environment to maintain your health and happiness.

If you have already been diagnosed, following these tips will also provide you with the natural methods needed to not just survive but to thrive. I recommend that those diagnosed to create a positive working relationship between themselves and your conventional as well as holistic practitioner.

If you would like to discuss the Depke Wellness approach to preventing cancer, feel free to call for a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation at 949.954.6226.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave these below for me to answer personally.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Do You "Get" What Gluten is Doing to You?

by Glen Depke

If you have not noticed yet, the shelves in the grocery stores carry quite a bit of gluten free items. So do you thing this is some new taste craze or some new way of preparing food that benefits the manufacturers?

Absolutely not!

There is so much gluten free food on the market because even conventional wisdom has caught on to the fact that gluten is actually killing people. Well now, to be real, it will never say that on the death certificate but it may as well.

Before I go further with this, let me be clear that not everyone has a gluten intolerance. Actually, in other countries gluten is not even as big of a challenge as here in the US and Canada. The challenge is both the modification of the wheat kernel as well as the processing and storing of these dangerous grains.

I have been promoting and discussing eating a gluten free lifestyle for some time now and I have to say that both personally and professionally, I have seen some dramatic results across the board. Heck, I even have clients telling me that they share my gluten intolerance assessment with their friends and/or loved ones. Often the success shared by these fortunate souls is miraculous. It sounds to good to be true, but if you have a gluten intolerance and you stop consuming gluten containing products, your entire life can make a positive turn for the better. I see it all the time in my clinic.

I wasn't looking to write an article getting into gluten containing foods or the multiple of health challenges potentially created by consuming gluten. You can find this in a past article I wrote by following this link here.

My motivation for writing this article is so more people would actually assess their likelihood of a gluten intolerance and learn more about living a gluten free life. If just one person reading this article assesses their level of gluten intolerance and removes gluten from their life to enjoy health and happiness...well then, it was all worth it.

To assess your own level of gluten intolerance you can visit the Depke Wellness, Gluten Intolerance page and scroll down to take the gluten intolerance questionnaire at no cost to you. What a combo, no cost and potentially life saving.

Visit this link to take your free test today. If you find yourself as somewhat likely or very likely to be gluten intolerant, it would be a magnificent idea to remove gluten from your diet. If this is the case, you will find a gluten free foods in categories list by following this link and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

This is a FREE questionnaire and information because it is just that important. For the stubborn individuals that recognize that gluten is an issue but you need more proof to give this up, you can contact me directly for a blood test that will put your mind at ease.

If you have any comments or questions in regard to this article, leave a post below and I will answer this personally.

My PureLean Protein Breakfast Drink

Many ask what I do personally with my PureLean protein powder. I use this plant based protein, plant based omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin and mineral rich, super antioxidant formula to make a yummy breakfast drink that is so yummy. Watch this video for more information as well as my personal recipe. For more info or ordering follow this link.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Take Action and Preserve Choice

I generally run the "Take Action" segment on the side bar of our newsletter, but this is action alert is deserves focused attention.

I was enjoying a gathering with a couple of my colleagues last night while we discussed the current medical/pharmaceutical establishment. We agreed that you cannot only sense but you can see the concern that conventional medicine is losing its stronghold on the American public. You can recognize this due to the vigilant activities that are potentially taking away our freedom of choice. Recognizing that when you push a frightened animal into the corner, it is going scratch, bite and use everything within its power to survive. 

Conventional medical/pharmaceutical leaders would love to take away your own personal choices and leave themselves as the only viable option. It is up to us to stand up for ourselves,
share our voice and  focus on maintaining our freedom of choice in health care. 

Why is our current medical/pharmaceutical establishment pushing back with vigilance and what are they going after now?

Let's recognize that a healthy percentage of our culture that is paying for insurance coverage is willing to forgo conventional medical/pharmaceutical treatment and pay "out of pocket" for holistic health care because they are recognizing that the Western medical/pharmaceutical experiment is failing. Individuals are turning to holistic care and supplementation more often and finding very positive results on a consistent basis.

This is what frightens the "establishment" and the reason for their vigilance. I will share that I personally feel there is a time and a place for both holistic and conventional medicine but it should be our choice as to what direction is best for us individually. Please read on to preserve that right!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently commenced a new assault against the dietary supplement industry – one that could threaten the availability of supplements currently on the market and that will discourage manufacturers from innovating new and more beneficial products in the future. In July, the agency issued a draft Guidance document which sets forth its current thinking concerning provisions of the law that dictate what ingredients can be included in dietary supplement products, and what information companies must submit to the FDA if they desire to market a supplement that contains a new dietary ingredient (i.e., one that was not sold prior to October 15, 1994).

The FDA’s draft Guidance ignores the intent of Congress by seeking to impose insurmountable obstacles to the introduction of new dietary ingredients and includes interpretations that will threaten the continued sale of supplements if even the most minute of changes are made. If the Guideline is finalized and enforced by the FDA it will go a long way towards establishing the agency’s long-standing goal of requiring pre-market approval for dietary supplements.

The following are a few highlights of the Guidance document:
  • The FDA’s draft Guidance requires companies to possess exorbitant amounts of information concerning their existing dietary supplements to prove that New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notifications are not required for the products they are currently marketing. In many cases, it will be impossible to gather such information, thereby threatening the future availability of numerous dietary supplement products on the market today.
  • In order to market a product that contains a new dietary ingredient, manufacturers will be required to submit a tremendous amount of information concerning historical use of the ingredient or conduct a multitude of animal and human studies which are overly burdensome and costly. Establishing such excessive requirements is both contrary to Congressional intent and unnecessary given the safety record of dietary supplements over the past few decades.
  • Any change in the manufacturing process of a dietary ingredient that results in chemical alteration of such ingredient or a change in specifications of the ingredient, regardless of how insignificant the alteration or change is, will require the submission of a NDI notification. This will discourage manufacturers from using the most advanced and efficient manufacturing technologies and pursuing methods that can improve the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplement products.
  • Any increase of the amount of a dietary ingredient in a dietary supplement or any change in formula of a dietary supplement, regardless of how minute or insignificant, will require the submission of a NDI notification. This will discourage the innovation of new products.
FDA’s enforcement of its Guidance as currently drafted could have a devastating impact on the dietary supplement industry and significantly affect the availability of supplement products on the market today and in the future. We urge you to contact your representatives in Congress and express your concerns. While personal letters are always best, attached for your convenience is a form letter. Don’t just sit back while the FDA threatens your right to access cost-effective and beneficial dietary supplement products. The industry needs your help in fighting back against this bureaucratic power-grab.

To download a sample letter to your Senators, click here.

To download a sample letter to your US Congressional Representative, click here.

To find government contact information including mailing addresses for your Senators and US Congressional Representative, please visit www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml

These letters are samples; please feel free to personalize them.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making Kombucha with Dawn Depke


Kombucha is a centuries old naturally fermented drink that will not only pleasure the palate but also provide many healing properties for your body. While this can damage the pocket book purchasing at your local market, making Kombucha at home is very cost effective.

To learn more about Kombucha, The Elixir of Life, follow this link.

Enjoy this 3 part video series.

Video One
How to Make a SKOBY with Dawn Depke


Video Two
Making Kombucha with Dawn Depke


Video Three
How to Bottle and Flavor Your Kombucha

Monday, October 3, 2011

EVERYTHING is Composed of This...

by Glen Depke

There is one constant in all matter in our world and that is ENERGY! Remember this saying, "Energy is Everything!"

Look at science over the last one hundred years or so. We were told at one time the the smallest substance in our universe was an atom. This was non negotiable based on science for some time. As time went by and our technology improved, it was then recognized that an atom was no longer the smallest substance in our recognition. It was not recognized that within this atom, there is a nucleus and electrons surrounding this.

So now the next question.

If the atom is composed of a nucleus and electrons, what is the rest of the space within the atom? The answer is, you guessed it, ENERGY!

Let's look at an example of energy and what this can do.

My example for you is homeopathic remedies. Based on the understanding within homeopathy, like cures like. If you have poison ivy, you would actually find your relief by using poison ivy. The major difference though, is that you are not using the physical substance of poison ivy, you would be using the energetic blue print of the poison ivy, the frequency or energy.

When a homeopathic is created, it begins with the substance. The substance (poison ivy as our example) is placed in an alcohol base to create a tincture. Then a small amount of this tincture, maybe just a drop, is placed into a larger amount of water and then mixed intensely. From there, a drop of this is then placed into another large amount of water, mixed intensely and so on and so on. Eventually you get to the point where there is no measurable amount of the original substance in the remedy. But what is left is the energy of the substance. The water carries the frequency or energy of the original substance, which is then used as the remedy for the ailment. Like cures like...

So what does this mean for matter in our world and what does it mean for us?

Well, just as like cures like, like attracts like. Do you know anyone in your life that somehow finds "trouble" around every turn? Do you ever pay attention to their language? What do they always focus on? Think about? Complain about? What is their "energy?" I bet it is always about "trouble."

Let's look at this deeper.

All matter is composed of energy, a flower, rock, dog, tree, everything. So what makes us as human beings different from the energy of the flower, rock, dog and tree? We have the power of our mind based on the ability of our language.

It really is true that we become our thoughts, which brings up a memory of an old saying we have all heard hundreds of times if we have not heard it once, "watch what you wish for." This is a very important saying because what we wish for, we typically get and this is all based on the energy within our language.

Just to be clear about our language, this is our thought, spoken and written word. Where our language is, creates the energy within our atoms and attracts that very energy to us.

So the next time you think you can or you think you can't...you're right!

Energy is Everything!

If you have any comments or questions in regard to this article, please post this below for me to answer personally.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kombucha; “The Elixir of Life”

by Dawn Depke

So many of our reader deal with health challenges such as fatigue, digestive disorders, and desire weight loss or cleansing so I feel compelled to share this information with you.  I recently learned the about the healing benefits and natural occurring probiotics, vitamins, minerals and amino acids naturally occurring from the fermentation process that creates this amazing “elixir or life” called Kombucha.  I drank it from time to time the past 3 years but it wasn’t until I did my husbands “leakygut” protocol that I realized my body absolutely loves kombucha. 
I was curious to know why my body was feeling so good every time I drank a 16 oz bottle of GT’s Kombucha, so I did a little digging.  What I found was truly amazing. First of all, if you suffer from the following list, you must read on, as Kombucha drinkers have found that this elixir has helped them with the following acute and chronic conditions.

  •  Arthritis
  • Digestive disorders (GI)
  • High blood pressure
  •  Poor circulation
  • High cholesterol
  • Chronic fatigue syndrom
  • Poorly functioning immune system
  •  Eczema
  • Acne
  • Allergies
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Great as a liver cleanser and natural gentle detoxifier

What is Kombucha & Why is it Healing?

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from green or black tea and sugar added to cultures that forms a SKOBY ((Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) and together in a dark, warm place kombucha is born.  Once it has fermented for at least 15-30 days, a wide range of organic acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that give this drink its extraordinary value & healing properties.
Most of the research on Kombucha comes from Russia and Germany and shows that it contains:
  • B1, B2, B6 and B12
  • Vitamin C (which is a potent detoxifier & immune booster)
  • Probiotics (which add beneficial bacteria to the gut, boosting the immune system)
  • Lactic acid (essential for healthy digestive action)
  • Acetic acid
  • Glucuronic acid
  • Usnic acid
  • Citric acid
  • Oxalic acid
  • Malic acid (helps the liver detoxify)
  • Gluconic acid B
  • Butyric acid  
  • Gluconic acid (which is said to help against yeast infections)
  • Nucleic acids (helps cells regenerate)

As you can see this elixir is loaded with amazing healing properties, but don’t take it from me…try it for yourself and see how you feel.  I have begun to make my own homemade kombucha so that I can have as much as I want without breaking the bank.  A regular 16 oz. bottle can cost anywhere from $2.50-$6.  I can make a gallon of it for about $1.00 using all organic ingredients and a little patience.  For information on how to grow your own SKOBY and make kombucha at home, view my video in this newsletter.

In joy and service,
Dawn Depke