Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Celebrating Men, Satisfying Woman

by Dawn Depke

Yes, I said celebrating men! After two days with Alison Armstrong I truly believe that men are magnificent and simple. I know, it’s hard to believe, but when we chose to look at men from a different perspective everything can change.

Consider this, men respond to woman. Men are both born a prince and a frog. It’s when a woman treats him one way, the prince shows up and when a she treats him in another way the frog shows up. So do find a prince in your life or are you a frog farmer? I know that puts a tremendous amount of responsibility on us woman, but it also gives us a tremendous amount of control so hear me out! Alison is a powerful woman who accidently began studying men after finding out she was a frog farmer. She continued studying them for the past 19 years. Because of her dedication and passion about men, I learned invaluable information on how to celebrate men and become a satisfied woman in her 2 day seminar!

How many of you out there meet the mate of your dreams, in the beginning everything is going amazingly well, your new potential mate is very attentive, respectful and fun to be with. It’s like you can do no wrong and they are an answer to your prayers. Until the third month or so and all hell breaks loose, he isn’t calling you back, she is becoming too clingy, you start seeing the worst in each other. Then you decide he/she is just like the last person you dated! I’m here to tell you my dear that is what Alison calls “Frog Farming”. When I heard her describe frog farming I couldn’t help but admit I was a frog farmer! Yes, me. I have turned more men into frogs than princes.

Consider having a relationship with the opposite sex that is completely satisfying for both partners, where understanding, love, respect, intimacy, trust, and compassion reside. Can you even imagine? How would that change your life? I know for some of you that thought is unimaginable, and it’s not your fault you feel that way. The challenge is most of us have not been taught how to have that type of relationship. We learn from people in unhappy relationships or from couples that are just surviving in their relationship. If we learn from someone who truly understands how to create that amazing relationship and from someone who thrives in their relationship instead of survive our success rate dramatically increases. Alison Armstrong is that woman.

Men and woman are meant to fit together beautifully. It is sad to me that we have few role models that portray this. I know the more people who apply Alison’s research to their life, satisfying relationships will become the new paradigm. I’m all for having fulfilling lives loving the opposite sex, are you? Through applying her advice we can transform the most horrific relationships into ones filled with love and respect. At www.UnderstandingMen.com you will find recorded live lectures, books, free articles as well as live workshops information. I promise you will get more than you expected listening to her work. If you are a woman I urge you to take 3 hours out of your day, whether you are single, going through a divorce, currently in a happy marriage, or have a son, to attend the Making Sense of Men FREE 3 hour event coming up in California.

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  1. I love Alison's teachings. I got introduced to her information over a year ago. It is very helpful and insightful. I am training myself to use her information in relationships. I understand men a lot better and I am "getting" where they are coming from more and more. ~ Brenda