Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recent Testimonial

My journey to health started 3 years ago. I first met Glen when I went to a clinic to find out why I was waking up in the middle of the night consistently. Regular exercise, cardio and resistance exercise had been a part of my routine as well as nutritionally eating the recommended 10 raw veggies and 2 fruits with a small amount of protein and fat daily.

I had multiple blood tests run by regular M.D.’s. The results came back perfect and they said I was the picture of health. Right then I knew that if I didn’t look elsewhere, they would say that it was all in my head.

After meeting Glen, he ran a special adrenal test. My results indicated that I had an adrenal insufficiency which resulted from a stressful, workaholic lifestyle, no time for relaxation and a lifetime of suppressed emotions. I also took a quiz based on my eating habits and we discovered that the “perfect diet” was not so perfect for me. The standard recommendation was pretty much for carb types and it turns out that I am a fast metabolizer and I needed much more protein and fat to balance my metabolism.

Along the way, Glen has worked with me to heal my adrenals as well as severe and chronic insomnia, hypertension, an H-pylori infection, malabsorption of my nutrients and minerals as a result of digestive issues, and candida. I learned that much of my body’s physical issues were a result of my emotional suppression. I learned to suppress my emotions as a child, and what may have worked for me as a child, was no longer benefiting me as an adult. Glen is compassionate and especially gifted in helping uncover my suppressed emotions. It took much dedication and persistence on his part as well as mine. The journey involved permanent, lifestyle changes.

I would say the most important work we have done has to do with healing my emotions. I literally lived in an emotional prison, where my emotions were in control of me. I have learned how to live in the present, no longer bothered by issues of the past. I have developed skills under Glen’s tutelage to enable me to live a life of ease and balance. My entire life has been transformed because of the emotional work I have done with Glen, and I am excited to be living a vibrant, healthy life. I will always be grateful for Glen’s patience, dedication, and passion for assisting me in reaching optimal health.

Diane W.

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