Sunday, March 13, 2011

Leaky Gut Results...Shocking!

by Glen Depke

The 30 day leaky gut/immune boosting protocol is now complete and I wanted to share what transpired over the last 30 days and more importantly, what are my results.

Since your eyes will gravitate toward the pictures on this page, I will share that one of the results of the last 30 days was a 20 pound weight loss. You can see by the before and after pictures (yes, this is me) that I had was in need of some weight loss. The interesting fact though, is that I had zero restriction on the quantity of food I ate during this time. To be honest with you, I felt that I actually ate more than I would typically and still lost 20 pounds.

The 20 pound weight loss is the bonus though. I will share the highlight of hitting a new level of health that I did not even know existed. I am averaging at least one hour less of sleep per night. When I wake up I almost feel a buzz within me and I cannot wait to get out of bed in the morning. My energy is high all day and I had zero need for anything to stimulate energy through my day. Really, what can I say, this is amazing!

So what did I do over the last 30 days?

It starts with the meal plan and goes from there. The meal plan itself is restricted to flesh proteins, all vegetables except night shades, some fruit and fat sources of any form of coconut, olives or avocados. I thought this would be a bit difficult at first but I quickly found many new food choices that kept me more than satisfied. For my clients that are following this protocol, I am supplying a meal chart and seven days worth of meal ideas as well as some recipes to make the nutritional aspect much easier.

I want you to understand that you will eliminate ALL potentially inflammatory foods from you diet for these thirty days. No caffeine, alcohol, sugar, grains, rice, nuts, most seeds, night shades, eggs, dairy, and soy. I know what you may be thinking, “I can’t eliminate all these.” I had the same thought, but as mentioned above, you will recognize new food choices that are more than satisfying. My wife came up with and awesome coffee replacement, a client of mine came up with a custard replacement and I modified my wife’s coffee replacement and made an awesome shake out of it. Very exciting!

From the supplement aspect for leaky gut I was taking L-glutamine, deglycerhizinated licorice root and aloe extract, along with GI Synergy which is an anti parasitic, anti yeast and anti fungal combination. To support the leaky gut supplements mentioned above I followed an immune boosting protocol that included two supplements called Nitric Balance and Glutathione Recycler.

I was also exercising but this was minimal. I have been running in 10 minute intervals three or four times per week. I have been doing some anaerobic exercises for 10 minutes three times per week and trained once per week for 45 minutes. My schedule does not allow for a significant amount of exercise so I had to find what works in small time frames. This can work for almost anyone.

So now that I am at the end of 30 days, what do I do? Well, I am adding in the restricted foods one at a time while maintaining an awareness of what does and does not work for me. If I add a food that creates some negative results for me, I will either eliminate this from my nutritional choices or I will only eat this on rare occasions.

Since I am human and may at times make a choice that is not best for me. If this does happen and I make the choice to consume anything that could potentially be a mechanism for leaky gut I will take the combo of L-glutamine, deglycerhizinated licorice root and aloe extract for three days to be sure to keep my gut healthy.

Understand that with as good as I feel right now, I do not EVER want to loose this feeling.

Another important distinction to make is that I am no better or worse than you. This is simply a choice that anyone of us can make and you can also enjoy a level of health that you may have not known exists. This feels so incredibly awesome that I want to share this with the world.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post this below for me to address personally.

If you would like to receive a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation to learn more, call our office today at (949)954-6226.


  1. I have been on the leaky gut protocol for 27 days. I found it to be a slight adjustment from my previous eating plan but it is straightforward and easy to implement. I didn’t necessarily believe that I needed it as in the past 3 ½ years I have completed several intestinal cleanses. At this time, I did not have any digestive challenges that I was aware of. I am working on adrenal and sleep challenges. Within 2 weeks of starting the leaky gut protocol, my sleep challenges have greatly improved. As an unintended side effect, I also have lost over 8lbs! I am very grateful for the healing I have received and pleased with my new level of health!!
    Thank you, Glen!

    Diane :)

  2. You're welcome Diane! I am just so happy that you did this even though you went into it "kicking and screaming." I applaud your choices!

  3. I also wanted to share that I was using a probiotic twice daily. This is a regular part of my typical routine and why I omitted this from the article above.

    1. Hi, which rand of probiotics are you taking? I have more bloating after taking probiotics, not sure if it other brands work differently.

  4. All of the supplements used were a line from a company called Apex Energetics here in Southern California. The only supplement that was not an Apex product was the probiotic that I use personally and in my clinic which I get from Germany called Ba-Co-Flor.

  5. I did the leaky gut protocol with Glen and lost 10 pounds. I feel much more energy. I feel alive and ready to get out of bed each morning easier and I find that I have more sustained energy into the evening. I’ve needed about 1 full hour of less sleep. My appetite is satiated and I feel better than I have in a decade. Reaching new levels of health has been quite an adventure and one we are dedicated to participating in for the entirety of our lives!

  6. Dr Glen Depke

    I suffer from chronic fatigue, allergies to supplements which i take for my fatigue. I don't take wheat, diary, and sugar. I have been reading a lot about leaky gut. I was wondering my fatigue and allergies might be caused by leaky gut. I want to mention this to my doctor. When i see my doctor next, i will mention to him/her about the chronic fatigue and allergies to supplements. I'll also ask him if leaky gut is causing both of them.
    Do you think this is the right approach? Is there any other information that can i add when i meet my doctor.

    Please let me know..

  7. Amogh,

    Absolutely, Leaky Gut can and does play a significant role in allergies and fatigue.

    As mentioned earlier, conventional doctors do not have much information on Leaky Gut due to the fact that their is not a drug for this.

    You could pass on the link below for the information on testing this for you doctor.

    I will probably be presenting a webinar on this soon, so stay tuned to the newsletter for this information.

  8. I am so pleased to see that my wife Dawn also shared her results. It is one thing to feel this yourself but a whole other aspect is tied into watching your loved ones benefit also.

    Great job to all that have or are currently following this life changing protocol.

  9. Another testimonial from a client on the Leaky Gut/Immune Boosting protocol.

    Here is a quick update after 7 days on the diet & 6 days on the supp's
    - So far I have lost 6 lbs and have been eating everything on the diet that I want
    - There have been a few bad days
    - I also spotted what looked like parasites in one stool (white stringy pieces), and yeast (white foamy spot) in another one
    - My energy is way up without coffee or tea
    - Except for last night, sleep is good.

    Overall, the diet has been fairly easy - you do have to prepare, but the die-off is a challenge at times

  10. I am on day 24 and this diet is hard. Hungry anyone??

  11. Make sure you have fun with the allowable fat. That always helps...

  12. I am not able to eat cooked vegetables, missing enzymes? Only raw vegetables and grains, solution please !!!

  13. Grains are often a challenge for leaky gut, often even non gluten grains. Gluten containing grains are most often an issue.

    As far as consuming cooked foods or vegetables as you mentioned, it is always a good idea to take a digestive enzymes such as the Depke Wellness Prime Digestive Support when you consume cooked foods.

  14. Dear Glen,

    Thanks, I am eating only whole meals (Quinoa, Amaranth, buckwheat) and raw vegetables for a month. I tried to add extremely simple soup and it hurts like hell. Wanted to take my gut out throw it away. Will try to get hold of some enzymes quickly, but I really hope it heals. Its not the pain but the mental fatigue that's killing me :(

  15. Hello Kiran,

    I would suggest assessing your Nutritional ID. If you are only consuming whole grains and vegetables, this could be problematic. To assess this visit this and go to the Nutritional ID page. The complimentary assessment will be there for you.

  16. You can also find the enzymes (Prime Digestive Support) on the Depke Wellness Store.

  17. Do you take the GI Synergy with or without food?

  18. Hi. Am having a tough time with the blandness of this diet but have no choice bc i seem to be reacting to almost everything I eat. I had an outbreak of hives all over my head a few weeks ago which Im guessing was a reaction to something I ate. The doc gave me a steroid shot and a medrol dose back to clear it up but ,my scalp continues to itch and my whole body has itched for days since. My Naturpath thinks its leaky gut so has put me on the repairvite diet and the gi synergy. It seems to improve when I keep to the diet but if I cheat and have a glass of wine or a little bread or cheese or something, the incessant itching returns. Itchy swollen eyes too The only thing that provides relief is a couple of benadryl. I take ambien for sleep every night and have for years. I cannot sleep with out it. DO you think its possible that I have developed an allergy to the ambien? Also this creepy crawly itchy sensation all over my body is strange and am wondering if it could be side effect of the gi syneRGy yeast and parasite die off?
    One last note is that I had bio identical hormone pellet injected into my hip about 5 weeks ago. The therapy has helped my menopausal symptoms immensely but this weird allergic reaction occurred about 3 weeks in and the itching has continued since then. I know the hormones pellets are bound by a small amount of soy but the company claims it is refined to the point of being hypoallergenic. But I wonder if this reaction is maybe tied in to the soy in the hormone pellets which get released into my system continually until the dissolve and need to be replaced. Seems coincidental or suspicious that these reactions started happening after i had the estrogen and testosterone pellets inserted?
    In any event, I am trying really hard to stay on this diet in case it is indeed leaky gut. Just missing all the yummy stuff.
    One last question. Is raw coconut water vinegar and the organic coconut aminos permissable on the diet?
    Thank you for any input.

    1. Hello,

      Based on the fact that you are using bio-identical hormones, this would be a red flag for substantial adrenal issues. Poor adrenal function could play a role in slowing your gut healing. If you wanted to discuss this, we offer complimentary 20 minute introductory sessions for potential new clients. You can call Jill at (949)954-6225 to set this up.

      The coconut water vinegar and coconut aminos are fine.


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  19. I use the Depke Wellness Prebiotic/Probiotic Formula. This is not only 20 billion of beneficial bacteria but also an herbal combo to assist with the environment of the gut for optimal utilization of the probiotics. Our website is currently being rebuilt so right now the only way to order is to call our office at (949)954-6226.

    Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

  20. did you take the GI-Synergy with or with out meals? Did you notice any negative side effects?

  21. I would typically recommend taking this with meals. While I did not notice and side effects, I have seen some struggle with "die off" when using this, so you may have to adjust dosing as needed.

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