Monday, June 13, 2011

Are You Full of Poop?

by Glen Depke

So what do you feel would define healthy bowel movements (BMs). So many feel that this is having a bowel movement once per day. One per day will keep you full of poop and so much more.

It is amazing to me how our culture gets caught up in the norm, not recognizing that the norm would be sick and unhealthy. I like to think that the followers of our newsletter do not desire to simply to survive; our followers truly desire to thrive. So what is thriving on a bowel movement (BM) level?

Fist let's see what one BM per day will give you. If you have one BM per day, this means that you are more than likely holding the residual of 6 meals in your GI tract at all times. wonder you feel bloated, right?

There are many challenges created by this. First of all the colon is not designed to be a storage unit. If your waste is not moving through adequately, the contents of your colon will leach through the colon walls and enter the tissue around the colon. From here, these contents will reenter the blood stream and circulate through the body. Recognize the the liver is pulling toxins out of the body for release through the colon. To add, women will often be ridding their body of some extra estrogen via the colon also. With this said, many of us are circulating toxins, hormones and waste through the body because we are happy with one BM per day. The other challenge is that our food will begin to putrefy if it does not make the complete trip through the GI tract in 18 hours or less, especially our proteins.

All this for those that believe that they are having healthy BMs. How about those that do not have even one BM daily. Some are holding the residual of 9, 12 and sometimes more meals in their GI tract at all times. Wondering what that little pouch is in the lower abdomen. You can see that it is not always fat. Yikes!

So what would I define as healthy BMs? This would be a minimum of 2 BMs per day. Generally the most substantial in the morning and another in the late afternoon or in the evening. This way you would be releasing your breakfast with your afternoon or evening BM and the next morning you would empty the waste of your lunch and dinner from the day before. This would achieve the goal of less than 18 hours and you would allow your colon to act strictly a transport unit. Optimally speaking you would have a BM after every meal, like a baby being fed. You know, feed a baby...poop, feed a baby again...poop again; you get the picture. At least get to 2 BMs per day and you have made a significant positive change for yourself. A deeper understanding for health BMs would allow for an easy release of your BM, very little odor and they would not float. They would actually slowly settle to the bottle of your toilet. Add into this, they would be about the consistency of soft serve ice cream and there would be little if any residual to wipe. Let's hear it for health BMs!

If you are not here, there are simple tips you can follow for improvement.
  • Take a quality probiotic daily
  • Take a digestive enzyme with each meal
  • Chew your food thoroughly
  • Stay properly hydrated
  • Move your body - go for a walk 
  • Deep breathe through your day and especially during meal time
Follow these tips and watch your BMs change for the better. No s_ _ t!

If you have any questions or comments on this article feel free to leave these below and I will answer them personally.


  1. Glen- Nobody talks about poop like you! Great article and useful information.