Monday, September 26, 2011

Interesting and Potentially Scary Health Facts

Here are some interesting facts tied into our shopping choices, insurance costs and a potentially very scary fact for all of us.

  •          Due to our cultural shift in nutritional integrity, In 2010 fresh format grocery stores experienced an impressive sales gains of 10.8%
  •          99.7% of US shoppers bought some fresh fruits or veggies when shopping. Here are the most popular:
o   Bananas 85.9%
o   Potatoes 84.3%
o   Onions 82.7%
o   Tomatoes 80.5%
o   Citrus Fruits 73.0%
o   Apples 71.0%
  • ·        Many companies are now offering wellness programs to assist in lowering their health care costs. Here are the most popular offered:
o   Wellness programs 59%
o   Smoking cessation programs 39%
o   Health screenings 38%
o   Fitness center subsidy/reimbursement 35%
o   Weight loss programs 30%
o   Nutritional counseling 19%
o   On site fitness classes 12%
o   Health care premium discount for getting annual health risk assessment 10%
  •          The SCARY interesting fact is “man-made” meat
o   Scientists in the Netherlands are working to make beef in labs from about 10,000 stem cells collected by cattle
o   They hope to mass produce beef WITHOUT cattle
o   Whether you are a meat eater or vegan, this could be scary. Ouch!


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