Monday, March 11, 2013

The Taboo Subject...

by Glen Depke

Let's get right into it today, I am talking about poop, bowel movements, feces, whatever you want to call it to be comfortable. You can even use one of the many slang forms of the word if that works for you. For reference today, we will call it poop.

So why am I talking about poop? 

Well, mostly because not too many people do and it is such an important subject. 

For years I used to ask my clients if they had healthy bowel movements and with regularity I heard, "oh yes, my poop is fine." Then for some reason one day, I started asking my clients to define what healthy poop is to them. Much to my surprise, or not, I found that what most thought of as healthy poop was actually anything but healthy. Often clients thought that one bowel movement per day was actually. Some that did not even have one bowel movement daily, still thought their poop was healthy. I would define one poop per day as constipation.

Instead of discussing all of what may be wrong with your poop, let's take some time to define healthy poop.

First off, I would share that you want your food to travel through your digestive system in 18 hours our less. This is important so the contents of your colon does not begin to putrefy and become toxic to you. This time frame is also important because your colon is designed to be a transport unit and not a storage unit. If you are pooping less than twice per day you are using the colon as a storage unit. This is a problem because your liver pulls toxins out of your body to dump in the colon for an expected quick release. This along with putrefied food residue can easily lead to not only a toxic colon but a toxic body.

So how does this make your body toxic?

This occurs because the walls of the colon are permeable and when you are storing in the colon rather that simply transporting, these toxins are not leaching through the colon walls, into the tissue around the colon and eventually in your bloodstream. From there these toxins will travel through the body with the hope of release again via the liver and colon. Not likely for so many though.

Let's look at this further. If you only have one poop per day, this means you are likely holding the residual of six meals in your gastrointestinal tract every day. Less than one poop per day and you can be holding the residual of 9, 12 or more meals at all times. Sounds disgusting, doesn't it? 

Often I have clients in the clinic that have that "pouch" in the lower part of their abdomen this is simply and impacted colon. Lose your poop, lose your pouch. It's often that simple.

Other important factors about your poop.
  • Movements should occur with ease
  • The odor should be mild at worst
  • There should be minimal clean up after
  • Your poop should be a light to medium brown color
  • They should sink slowly to the bottom
  • Your poop would preferably form and S-curve
  • About 1 inch or slightly more in diameter
As a special thank you to Dr Joseph Mercola and I would like to share a photo that will help you understand your poop goals. Your goal is numbers 3, 4 or 5, with type 4 preferred.

To read the entire article on visit this link.

If you are like most reading this article, you are now realizing that your poop is not healthy. If this is the case, here are some steps for you to take for optimal poop.
Squatting to Poop
  • Drink approximately one quart of purified water for every fifty pounds of body weight daily
  • Find a way to exercise daily. Move your body, move your colon.
  • Eliminate gluten or cross reactive foods
  • Release emotional suppression
  • Eat more fruit (especially apples) and veggies according to your Nutritional ID
  • Eat raw, naturally fermented foods or take a Depke Wellness Prebiotic/Probiotic Formula
  • When eating cooked foods always take your Depke Wellness Prime Digestive Support for the necessary enzymes for predigestion
  • When consuming flesh proteins use your Prime Stomach Acid Support
  • Avoid sugar and processed foods
  • Avoid antibiotics 
  • Get your feet up while pooping to put yourself into a natural squatting position (picture above right)
  • Visit your chiropractor to be sure there is not a functional/structural component that is hindering proper bowel movements
So there you go, a taboo subject, with a very high level of importance. Make sure you poop is healthy. Your health and happiness depends on it.

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