Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Supplements Do I Take?

by Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath

So often I have individuals on social media or when I am presenting events ask me what I take personally from a supplement perspective. I write this type of article about once per year because while I do have some basics that remain the same, as I learn and grow for myself personally, some of my supplement choices shift within these new understandings.

Before I address the supplements specifically, I wanted to point out some recent research that shows not only health benefits of supplementation but also provides the hard facts on the significant savings in health care cost. To read this article and further information, visit this link.

OK, so what do I take?

I breakdown my supplementation needs based on the most significant factors for myself as an individual. These factors are:
  • Optimal digestion
  • Increased circulation
  • Optimal brain health
  • Immune system support
  • Adrenal support
For optimal digestion, I take the Depke Wellness 1, 2, 3 of Digestion daily. This is a
combination of the Prebiotic/Probiotic Formula, Prime Digestive Support (enzyme) and the Prime Stomach Acid Support. I take 2 Prebiotic/Probiotic Formula before breakfast daily, one Prime Digestive Support during each meal, one Prime Stomach Acid Support after each meal and one scoop of RepairVite prior to bedtime. The Prebiotic/Probiotic Formula contains herbs to assist the gut environment to optimally utilize the 40 billion beneficial bacteria (the good guys) taken to assist in reaching that all important 9:1 ration of beneficial to detrimental bacteria needed for a healthy gut. The Prime Digestive Support is the full spectrum digestive enzyme that contains both animal and plant based enzymes to break down the wide array of proteins, fats and carbohydrates I'll consume with each meal. This enables me to utilize the first third of my stomach to predigest my food, which in turn will allow for and further ease of digestion as my food progresses through the digestive tract, ultimately making life easier for my pancreas also. Lastly the Prime Stomach Acid Support will assist my body in properly breaking down my proteins, absorb minerals as well as B vitamins. At night before I go to bed, I take one scoop of RepairVite in water knowing that this is a gut restorative supplement. I take this specifically due to gut damage caused by my past consumption of intolerant foods that I was not aware of.

If you want to confirm the use of the use of these with my meals, simply ask anyone that I have eaten out with. I am always reaching into my pocket during and after meals to address these important digestive aids.

To increase my circulation, I take two supplements. One is from Chi Enterprise called Vein Lite which I take 3 capsules of these twice per day after meals. Some days I do this only once but I do shoot for 2 times daily. I also take Nitric Balance which is a liquid that I take one tablespoon in the morning. The Vein Lite has a long term affect on increasing circulation and the Nitric Balance has a more immediate impact on circulation along with a beneficial cellular energy increase. I take these because proper circulation is a key to most everything. This is how you move nutrients, oxygen, hormones and so much more throughout your body. Without proper circulation, all else is hindered.

The brain support is important to me since I have a history of dementia and other neurological disorders in my family. Not withstanding the fact that I was considered epileptic from about 17 to 28 years old. Because of this, I take a liquid omega 3 fatty acid supplementation daily that is very high in DHA, which is the "brain food" component of the omega 3. I am also currently addressing some neurotransmitter issues by taking Serotone Active, Dopatone, Acetyl-CH Active and a Neurotrans spray three times per day. I am not doing this only because of the potential inherited issues but also the simple fact that my brain really needs to be "on" all day when I am working with clients. There is not much time off for my brain so it needs that support. Don't worry though, I also get my fare share of tennis, golf and fun on a regular basis.

As far as my immune system support is considered, most of this is addressed with my gut and brain supplements because as those systems go, so goes the immune system. The only addition I make here is the use of a liquid emulsified vitamin D supplement called Ultra D, which I take on tablespoon per day and about 2000 mgs of a powdered Buffered Ascorbic Acid mixed with a small amount of water before bed. Many people have issues with ascorbic acid, but this is due to the fact that most are derived from corn, which I am intolerant to. Of course the form that I use is manufactured from a healthy source. I also take either the Pure LiquidNutrients which is a yummy mango/orange flavored liquid vitamin/mineral supplement or a mix a Clearvite PSF in my morning smoothy to increase my nutrient uptake.

Lastly, we are looking at adrenal support. I do not take this at all times but due to some recent
adrenal challenges because of a gut infection that I picked up in the recent past I am currently engaging in needed adrenal balancing. To accomplish this I take sublingual liquid forms of pregnenolone and DHEA three times per day and I take two 500mg capsules of the Depke Wellness Prime Adrenal Support daily also.

I do cycle on and off two powerful liquid emulsified anti-inflammatory supplements called Resvero and Tumero, but currently I am in the cycle off period with these. I typically do three months on and three months off.

Overall from a generally perspective, I am always taking something to support my gut, brain and immune function. From there everything else I would take is either for a short duration determined on an acute challenge or other times I simply take something new as an experiment for myself and my clients. 

I want to be clear that what I take does not necessary equate into what you need. While general gut, brain and immune supplementation is an advantage to everyone, some areas are tied directly into personal needs for myself, such as the neurotransmitters and adrenal protocols. At least with this information, you can see first hand what your Traditional Naturopath is taking. 

You know what's funny though, I do not feel like I take that much until I write it all out. So with that said, here's to my adrenal protocol coming to an end soon. LOL!

Many of these supplements can be found in the Depke Wellness Store where you can either search through all the supplements or go to the headings on the left side of the page to click on specific brands such as Depke Wellness, Chi Enterprise or Pure Encapsulations. We are even building and area of the store that will be available to our current clients to purchase supplements that are not accessible to the general public due to company policies. The good news is that supplements purchased via the Depke Wellness always include free shipping and handling. Yay!

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