Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 More Than Just Weight Loss - Completion

Congratulations to everyone for reaching the conclusion of the 2014 More Than Just Weight Loss program! You've enjoyed the benefit of reducing inflammation, supporting immune function, reconnecting the gut/brain connection, anti-parasitic, fungal and yeast protocols, gut restorative and last but not least liver detoxification. That's more than a mouthful!

This is bittersweet because you have been such an awesome group and I have truly enjoyed interacting with all of you. Thank you for that!

With that said though, this is truly not the end but only the beginning. If you remember way back before you even signed up for the program, we discussed the 6 weeks as a long enough period for most to create new, healthier habits that you can move forward into the rest of your life.

As you are continuing these new habits, I will continue to monitor the completion blog to assist you on this level. So do not be afraid to reach out for direction.

Thank you all once again!

Wellness for the World,


  1. I'll start off this conversation ;-)

    Regarding reintroduction of foods, the only thing I missed at the beginning of this program was nuts and seeds. Of course, I missed my 100% dark chocolate square, too.

    I've got a few things that I'm curious about when to re-introduce: sunflower seeds, nuts, chocolate, eggs, and mustard (high quality - mustard seed & vinegar). I've gone off eggs before in the past for 6 months or more and had no trouble when re-introducing. It'll be interesting to see if this time is any different.


    1. Nuts and seeds are potentially a higher reactivity but not in general. You will want to test different nuts and seeds to see how these react. Believe it or not but mustard with vinegar is often reactive to many also as well as eggs.

      As you introduce these pay attention to weight as mentioned in the completion webinar and remember that maintaining a regular water consumption is also a key to using weight as a guide.

  2. I have a few questions too..
    nuts and seeds weren't on either of the challenge lists as we try to add them back in (less likely or more likely to be a challenge) so I wondered about nuts and seeds too.

    Why are eggs on the avoidance lists when chicken is usually not a problem? Just curious?

    If I am Gluten intolerant and did not test cross reactive to polish wheat, does that mean I could eat wheat products in Europe without reacting? at least a little bit?

    ..for all the things I tested normal for on the cross reactive test.... would these all be things I would be least likely to react to? safest to add back in first?

    I probably won't add them in very quickly or very often but it would be nice to have the option to eat a few of those things once in a while.

    Also curious as to what you eat on a daily basis now that this is over, Glen.

    1. The nuts and seeds are a higher possibility of reactivity but I would say nuts higher than seeds. Also see my comment about this above.

      When comparing the chicken and the egg, we are not comparing apples to apples. This would be similar to beef being much less reactive overall compared to dairy.

      You are correct, if you are Americanized wheat intolerant, you may be fine visiting Italy and eating pasta and bread. I would suggest a trip to Italy in your near future. Sounds good?!

      I will post some of my days meals as we continue for everyone to review.

  3. Today's meals:
    Breakfast - Clearvite with coconut milk and cocoa powder
    Snack - Warmed slaw with carrot, seeds and olive oil
    Lunch - Same as above but cold
    Snack - Pear and coconut water
    Dinner - 2-3 ounces of ribeye and 4 scallops
    Snack - 5 or 6 plantain chips with hot salsa
    Snack - Small bowl of dark chocolate coconut ice cream with cashew butter mixed in
    Today I did not eat balanced meals which lead to eating more often.

    1. If forgot, I also had another Clearvite shake before dinner. Thankfully I still lost another .4 pounds.

    2. you have added in seeds; hot salsa, which is peppers, and tomatoes; chocolate and cashews all together pretty quickly.... Is that because you know already you do not react to these things???
      thanks again for sharing your meals

    3. You are correct Carolyn. I already know where my challenges are so I do not need to test. I guess I should not confuse anyone by sharing my meals at this point. Thank you for pointing this out.

  4. Does our cross-reactive test change? and if so, how often? I was tested last May (2013), so should I expect that those results are still about the same?

    The only dairy I reacted to was Whey protein and that was equivocal. I have been off dairy for 10 months now, so is it possible that could be normal now?

    1. It can change and either way, less or more. I would wait until you reach 12 months, add back in the foods that you were intolerant to for about 3 weeks and then retest.

  5. It was fun to hang out at our front desk the other day with two other participants of the "More Than Just Weight Loss" program. The three of us collectively had lost 27 pounds and two of the group still had a couple weeks to go on the program. Love it!

  6. We are going to be calling to set up complimentary sessions as an exit review for those that have returned both the baseline assessments and exit assessments. If you did not get your exit assessments in, do this ASAP.

  7. We are close to offering comprehensive testing for food sensitivity. Life will be much easier knowing that is causing your inflammation.

    1. do you know how many and what foods this will include? Is it similar to the cross reactive test?

    2. There is one that tests 115 foods and another that tests 154 foods. I will know the pricing and other info soon.

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