Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year...New Energy

Let's take time to reflect on 2009 and understand the perfection that you are living your life in. If you feel that you are not enjoying your current state of perfection, always remember that all you have to do is make new choices to create a completely new state of perfection. When you make these new choices long term and consistant enough, you create new patterns and it all becomes much easier.

If my comments are confusing please let me know, I would love to aid in understanding.

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  1. Thanks for starting the blog. Can u highlight a bit more what purple to white color of the fingernail implies.?

  2. While I do not know the significance of a purple marking beyond a bruise, the white markings can mean a few things. This could simply be a mineral deficiency which is often zinc but could really be almost any mineral. According to TCM the white marks in concert with raised red bumps on the trunk of the body could suggest an over production of estrogen. I seem to remember you mentioning horizontal lines also which generally shows low stomach acid production.

  3. Hi Glen & Happy New Year:

    I was recently diagnosed with stage 2 adrenal fatigue (through your help)and was wondering what would be the best things to eat? and to snack on in between meals?

    I find that I get very hungry about 3 hours after the last meal, and it comes up very quickly. Within minutes, my body craves food and I get irritable until something goes into my stomach

    Thanks again for all of your help!
    PS: I have been reading that fruit is not the best choice for recovery...

  4. With the release of "Ask Depke Wellness" it is our intention of sharing natural health expertise and experiences to creating the fulfilling 2010 that we all desire. We will either contribute a daily posted subject to assist in your journey to optimal health and wellness and/or will focus on answering the questions that our followers post. We are thankful for the opportunity to assist.

  5. Hello Tony,

    If you are having a tough time making it without snacks or cravings between meals this would be our clue that you are not eating the correct food proper for your Nutritional ID. Be sure to include all your macro nutrients with each meal which would be a protein, carb and fat. If this still does not help, you may actually be a protein type and the purine levels of your protein may be low or you may be deficient in fat consumption. This is where I would start.

  6. why is it not recommended to take milk on an empty stomach??

  7. This is a question with multiple answers so I will address the more obvious.

    First is to address the fact that conventional pasteurized milk is void of the 7 naturally occurring enzymes for proper digestion. When in a raw form milk does not create this challenge unless you are one of the few that has a tough time breaking down the larger protein molecules in cow's milk. The other aspect could be tied into your Nutritional ID. For some the higher glycemic levels at the beginning of the meal can create challenges within the nervous system function and oxidation. The overall glycemic index of milk could be another challenge as I recommend for those with weight or blood sugar challenges to consume their higher glycemic foods at the end of the meal to slow the release of glucose.

  8. As a part of your 2010 goals of health and wellness, be sure to follow the posts on the fundamentals of health as well as the six steps to true healing. This will be a welcomed foundation for your journey.