Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Supplments Do I Take?

by Glen Depke

I have had some readers recently ask me what I take in the way of supplements and what would I recommend as the basics. I do feel that the best way to get our nutrients is from the food we eat but the reality is that our food sources are typically not as high in nutrient values as the past. In my opinion, we also live with significantly higher stress levels during these times and obviously our environment also creates a toxic challenge for us. Due to these facts, it is a good idea to take some basic supplements to achieve optimal levels of health and wellness.

First of all I always take 2 probitics every day. The probiotic that I have been taking personally for 12 years and using with my clients over that same time span is called Ba-Co-Flor. Ba-Co-Flor is a probiotic that I get from Germany that I have seen amazing results with not only for myself, but also my clients. The reason for a quality probiotic is due to the fact that we simply do not consume raw fermented foods anymore with any consistency. We absolutely should strive to keep a balance of 90% beneficial bacteria and 10% detrimental bacteria in our gut for optimal digestion. I do apologize but due to company regulations, I am not able to sell this via my website. Feel free to reply to this post or call my office at 949.642.2094 if you would like information on Ba-Co-Flor.

EVERY time I eat cooked food, I take at least one Prime Digestive Support. This is due to the fact that cooked food is void of naturally occurring enzyme activity which is absolutely necessary for proper absorption and assimilation of our food. For more info you can visit our newsletter or DepkeWellness.com and visit the Depke Wellness Store.

I also take 2 Krill Oil caps daily due to the lack of proper ratios of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids in our diet today. Low omega 3 intake can lead to inflammation and a whole host of challenges. Feel free to visit the Preferred Health Partner page at DepkeWellness.com to review the Krill Oil I take and to understand the need much deeper.

Taking the Isotonix Multi-Vitamin is my morning treat that I use on an empty stomach to start my day off with highly absorbable nutrients. Even though I typically eat very well, I feel that due to the environment we live in today as well as the less than optimal nutrient levels in our food, I feel that this insurance policy is well received by my body. You can also get further info on the Preferred Health Partner page.

Lastly, I take 4 Juice plus caps with my lunch and dinner. What I love about Juice Plus is the fact that these caps are simply dehydrated fruits and vegetables that are in a powder form and capsulated. Again, anything I can do to get the nutrient levels I need to live a life of optimal health and wellness is my goal, and I feel that my Juice Plus caps are a part of this plan. To learn more about the Juice Plus caps you could visit the Preferred Health Partners at DepkeWellness.com.

Another vitamin that I feel is important for most individuals is Vitamin D. I personally do not take this but this is due to the fact that I live in Southern California and get regular year round sun exposure and trust that I am getting a regular conversion of sunlight into vitamin D. The reality though is that most do not have the ability to do this on a regular basis so supplementing with Vitamin D would be a benefit. I would suggest either Vitamin D drops or a liquid spray. From a nutritional perspective, I would suggest to take cod liver oil on a regular basis as a way to increase Vitamin D and A as well as your omega 3 content all in one.

These are the basics that I suggest on a consistent basis that will move you in the general direction of the health and wellness you desire. I would like to thank the readers that asked for this information and please; if there is a subject that you would like to see us cover, leave a post and we will create this for you.


  1. there are many different supplements out there to target various issues - antiaging, health problems, or just general vitamin intake.

    i think eating lots of raw fruits and veggies with colors is a good start for anyone, and limiting the amount of cooked food, especially staying away from "white foods" and HG goods which cause inflammation.

  2. I am right with the thoughts of Janice. As mentioned it my post, it should always start with your whole foods first.