Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lose Weight / Gain Energy!

by Glen Depke

For most, you have tried countless ways to lose weight and/or increase your energy. Heck, who does not want to be leaner and rock their energy all day? Today we are going to address this from an uncommon  perspective on this subject.

This perspective is based on improving your digestion. I know, how the heck is improving your digestion going to improve your energy and help you lose weight? Read on for these answers...

First of all let's recognize that you are NOT hungry to fill your stomach. You are actually hungry to produce energy. You produce energy through glycolosis or beta-oxidation which is basically how your body takes the proteins, fats and carbohydrates you eat and converts these to energy.

So for somebody that has poor digestion to the point that you are not absorbing and assimilating your food properly, you may recognize this pattern. You eat a meal to the point that you are full because the trigger for hunger is never shut down until the stomach is full. At this point, you then have a craving for some type of desert or sugary food or drink. This craving occurs due to the lack of energy production and to be honest, we have all had sugar enough for our body to know that it is a quick fix for energy.

Now, if you had proper digestion and you were absorbing and assimilating your food properly, the trigger for hunger may be cut off long before your stomach is full and there would be potentially zero cravings for sugar.

When your digestion is improved you not only require less food but your production of energy will improve. This is a real win/win situation for all of us!

Obviously you already understand the result of less food and no sugar cravings. Yes, you guessed it, weight loss and increased energy!

Let's talk about some simple ways to improve your digestion.
  • First of all get yourself into a relaxed state before meal time by taking 3-5 deep belly breaths
  • Be sure to eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly 
  • Take a quality probiotic before meal time such as the Pure Probiotic GI
  • Take a quality digestive enzyme with your meal such as the Depke Wellness Prime Digestive Support
By following these steps above, it will then be up to you to cut back on your portions with confidence knowing that you are increasing your absorption and assimilation, which in turn is assisting in weight loss and energy gain. Love it!

I would also add that a good next step is to then assess your Nutrtional ID, which will be available for FREE at DepkeWellness.com by January 1st of next year. Just a couple of short months to assess your Nutritional ID for FREE!

If you have any questions or comments on this article, please leave this below for me to answer personally.

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