Friday, January 20, 2012

Shocking...or Not?!

This was a message from one of my colleagues, Dr Andreas Marx, that I simply had to share. Sometimes I still get shocked by what happens in this world we live in.

While reading a German newspaper, an article about vaccination caught my attention. By now many of us are familiar with the pros and cons. What mainly concerns me about today’s established vaccines are the preservatives they contain. Many vaccines are preserved with a mercury solution, and we all know the many side effects.
The news article reported that the British pharmacy giant “Glaxo Smith Kline” tested a new vaccine in Argentina and was fined in court. Fourteen (14) children died during their test. The company manipulated poor, underage and illiterate parents to sign their consent form. The vaccine was designed against lung and ear infections.

Will They Ever Learn?

In 2008, forty-nine (49) babies died in a clinic in India, where western pharmaceutical companies were involved in clinical tests. In 1996, Pfizer tested a new antibiotic against lung and ear infection on 200 children in Nigeria, and eleven (11) children died. A significant number ended up blind, deaf, and brain damaged.

The industry continues to test new drugs in third world countries. About 50% of new pharmaceutical drugs are tested in India, Africa and China.

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