Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fingernail and Tongue Diagnosis

Dr Tsu-Tsair Chi
This is a special event that I am so excited to share with you! 

In partnership with Dr Tsu-Tsair Chi, Depke Wellness if offering a complimentary seminar on "Fingernail and Tongue Diagnosis." 

I cannot say enough about Dr Chi. He is the international expert in fingernail and tongue diagnosis and the author of "Dr Chi's Method of Fingernail & Tongue Diagnosis," which is a best selling book among health practitioners. This is a book that I reference regularly in my practice.

Best of all, he is going to be here at our office within Impact Health & Wellness on Saturday February 2, 2013!

On this day from 12:30PM to 2:00PM, Dr Chi is going to leading you down a hormonal and health journey via his decades of expertise in fingernail and tongue diagnosis. This is a lecture you don't want to miss whether you feel that positive about your health, have ongoing health issues or for those in the health field. There are points to be made for all of us. 

During this lecture you will learn how to recognize health challenges for yourself and your loved ones.
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Many years ago I saw a lecture presented by Dr Chi in Las Vegas and experienced his dianosis of my own fingernails and tongue. I was so astonished by what he had found and thankful as he played a signficant role in my own health and wellness. I later studied under Dr Chi when I was in Chicago and to this day, I use his method of fingernail and tongue assessment with every in office client that I see.

While I enjoy my skills with this fingernail and tongue assessment, my skills are miniscule compared to the decades of expertise with Dr Chi.

This is where the true bonus comes in...

One the day of the lecture, Dr Chi is also going to be offering fingernail and tongue diagnosis in the office from 9:00AM to Noon and 2:00PM to 6:00PM. Dr Chi's usual session price for fingernail and tongue diagnosis $100.00, but we have been able to work out a special price for you of ONLY $40.00. Yes, for $40.00 or about the price of lunch for two, you can experience the international expert in fingernail and tongue diagnosis.

Understand that your nails and tongue changes may indicate challenges with digestion, cardiovascular system, lung disease, thyroid and adrenal issues, hormone imbalance, blood sugar issues, autoimmunity and so much more. Learn about these challenges now and be proactive in addressing your health concerns.

As you probably can tell, I cannot say enough about Dr Chi and fingernail and tongue diagnosis. All I can say is to get your butt in my office on Saturday February 2, 2013 and truly receive a gift of health.

By registering below, you are welcome to attend this complimentary 90 minute lecture, but don't stop there. Call our office today and schedule your appointment with Dr Chi personally. This is a rare special event and obviously the amount of individuals we can schedule is limited. 

Call now for your appoitment time. Due to limited availability, payment must be received at the time of booking.

Register for the complimentary lecture below.

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