Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 More Than Just Weight Loss - Week Six

Hello Everyone,

We are in the home stretch and I am very excited for all of you! I have seen some huge positive shifts for most of you in the program and that's what makes this all worth it.

Thank you for making such a significant commitment to change your own health and happiness, but do not let you foot off the gas. This last week is often still full of positive responses from every perspective for all.

Here are the supplemental needs for week six.

Turmero - one teaspoon before breakfast and dinner
Resvero - one teaspoon before breakfast and dinner
Ultra D - two teaspoon before breakfast and dinner
Hepato-Synergy – 1 packet twice daily before breakfast and dinner
ClearVite -
Days 15 thru 17
1 serving daily before breakfast and dinner
Days 18 thru 21
1 serving before breakfast

Have an amazing last week of the program and start preparing yourself for life after the plan.

Wellness for the World,
Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath


  1. OK if I know that I have adrenal fatigue, and I suspect (greatly) that I have an under-active thyroid, how do I differentiate between the two? Are there clear symptoms that each cause or is there more of an overlap? If I work on healing my adrenals, will that then heal my thyroid, or will I need to focus on healing both? Thanks for any and all input. :)

  2. As Lynda always shares, thyroid issues are almost never a direct thyroid problem. This is generally either adrenal, liver, gut or autoimmunity. Looking at your adrenals will have a higher level of importance.

  3. Yesterday's meals:
    Breakfast: Clearvite with coconut milk/cream and blueberries and a cup of tea with coconut creamer
    Lunch: Clearvite with coconut milk/cream and blueberries
    Snack: Sweet potato chips
    Dinner: Roast and veggies in crock pot
    Snack: Blueberries and apples warmed with coconut cream

  4. Make sure you keep your focus on your last week of the program. There is still a lot of success to be had for you.

  5. Whoa!! Real world just hit me! Traveled to Texas for one of my granddaughter's birthday. Brought some organic chicken with me, but inadvertently packed the other stuff in my check-in. So I had a burger patty, avocado and steamed broccoli at my layover. Started feeling dizzy and prickly within an hour. Then I get in my daughter's car at the airport and my throat started closing up within minutes from her car perfume-y thingy. OMG pray for me this week. :)

  6. Yesterday's meals:
    Breakfast - Clearvite with coconut milk/cream and blueberries and a cup of tea with coconut creamer
    Snack - Clearvite with coconut milk/cream and blueberries
    Late Lunch - Chicken with assorted veggies
    Dinner - Clearvite with coconut milk/cream and blueberries and a few pieces of ham with plantain chips
    Nightcap - Cup of tea with coconut creamer

  7. If you are a protein type, weight loss can be hindered if you are not eating enough fat. Food for thought...

  8. Also make sure that you are not consuming the potentially high reactive foods from the percentage list.

  9. Hi Glen,

    I noticed that you are having clearvite for lunch as well?
    What I saw in this weeks instructions was to have clearvite for just breakfast and dinner... Is it better to
    do clearvite 3xday?

    Have you had anyone have blood sugar issues with the clearvite? I noticed the last 2 days my blood sugar was really out of wack.. and I felt like I was trying to get balanced for 2 days..
    I know that some stevia seems to make me feel weird, in the future do they have a clearvite without stevia?

    I am sure that I am a mixed type, and always wanted to be a vegetarian for conscious reasons.. I tell you when I get red meat periodically I feel much better..

    blessings to all

    1. LOL! I just recognized today that I forgot to cut this back to 2 times per day.

      I have not noticed blood sugar issues with the Clearvite in the past. The Clearvite SF does not have stevia. This has rice protein also and the reason we do not use it on the program. Potential sensitivities...

      It will be important to honor your body's need for nutrition and I am glad you are understanding of your mixed type metabolism.

  10. Hi Glen
    I just double checked the ingredients of the
    ClearVite-PSF (K-84) and it does say it has
    Stevia... Do I have a different product than you?
    One of the other things I have noticed in the last 3 days
    is that I am having a hard time feeling satisfied even after eating.. I am hungry 15 20 minutes after eating and almost feeling sick hungry.. craving carbs and was thanksgiving dinner- LOL..I haven't had carb cravings since week 1 and 2..
    also feeling tired and brain not functioning very well..
    Also having a hard time figuring out what to eat..
    its 5;30 im suppose to go to an event and I feel like going to bed.. Sorry for the rant..Is this a healing crisis or ???
    wondering your thoughts...
    Thanks for your help

    1. As mentioned above, the PSF does have stevia but the SF does not. The reason we use the PSF is due to the rice protein, which some are sensitive to. I would look at your fat consumption first since this is the most common deficiency causing cravings directly after meals. As a mixed type you want about 25% of the volume of your meal to be fat, 30% from protein and 40% carbs (which includes your veggies.)

  11. Thanks Glen,
    This morn I did put more coconut oil 1 T + some
    coconut mana and that seemed to help a bit..
    Im going to go get some avocados and do
    chicken soup with avocado....
    Yeahhh I am losing weight and inches that is great
    and i want to keep going..

  12. Today I am having so much pain in all my joints. I feel really cold too. I'm thinking it's the change in the weather. I'm going to drink lots of water and hot tea and take a Epsom salt bath. Any other suggestions?

    1. Are you in the second two weeks Kit? If so, this could also be tied into die off. You are dealing with this as the "More Than Just Weight Loss" graduate that you are...

  13. I noticed that we're supposed to cut to one Clearvite tomorrow (Sunday). I have a bunch left - almost a whole container. When we're done next Tuesday night, should I keep taking the Clearvite and if I do, do I then also keep going with all the same restrictions?

    How do I know if my liver is fully detoxified? I still have some of the (can't remember the name) powder in the smaller container - just a little left - should I keep taking it - probably enough for another week or two? Also have enough of the Hepato Synergy for another week or so.

    I'm sure you'll talk about it - but mostly what I need an answer on is the Clearvite. Should I start doing just one, or should I keep taking two? Is it possible to "over cleans" the liver? I assume that we're going down to once a day to kind of wean ourselves???

    Sorry- I know this is a bit disjointed - it's late - almost 1, I'm tired, need to get up early but wanted to get the Clearvite question answered and the other stuff is also pressing on my mind. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      When you get to a certain ending segment of any part of the program, it is recommended to continue with the supplements until they are gone. With this said yes, you continue the Clearvite, Hepato Synergy and Repairvite.

      Yes you could over cleanse the liver but you do not have to worry about this based on your supplements.

      Also, make sure you get to bed earlier. A lack of sleep will have a very negative affect on your health.

  14. Yesterday's meals:
    Breakfast - Clearvite with coconut milk/cream and blueberries
    Snack - I piece of bacon and flax flat bread
    Lunch - Chicken thigh, leg and 2 wings
    Dinner - 1 1/2 boneless chicken thighs, 1 chicken breast and spaghetti squash with home made pesto
    Snack - Flax bread with blueberries warmed with a scoop of vanilla coconut ice cream
    *I know, I ate a lot of chicken today. I'm starting to look like one. LOL!

  15. Sunday's meals:
    Breakfast - Clearvite with coconut milk and blueberries
    Snack - Half apple
    Snack - Ham with plantain chips
    Dinner - Chicken thigh with kale and avocado
    Snack - Small piece of flax bread

  16. Just got my DNA results for my gluten sensitivity; I tested positive for celiac on one gene, and gluten sensitive on two others. So now I know for sure. The things I have learned from this program are immeasurable. I had no idea I was sensitive to gluten until this program.Wow!!

    1. Great info to have Dara! So many people are slowly killing themselves all the time with gluten and other cross reactive sensitivities. It will be important to also assess your cross reactions moving forward. Way to go!

    2. Thanks Glen! How does one assess cross reactivity. Just eliminate and reintroduce? This is all so new to me; I appreciate all info.

    3. The best way is via a blood test. I did that test after the program last year and had something like 15 or 17 cross reactions. Invaluable information! We'll discuss this on the webinar today.

  17. I can't believe the 6 weeks is almost over! I have lost 8 lbs and I do feel much better~closer to Amazing than I have ever felt. Really, I think I have had moments of Amazing, but when they go away, I tend to wonder if it was really that good. But, I have painted 2 rooms in the past 2 weeks and my husband says that is amazing~more energy than I have had in a long time.

    I have one question I have been meaning to ask.. I have had my gallbladder taken out, so is that a problem with all of the fat and protein? ( I am a protein type) Is there something I should be taking to replace what it was doing?

    Also, thanks for posting your daily meals, that helped me a lot!!

    1. I am so excited for your response Carolyn. I know "amazing" is very important for you!

      With the lack of a gall bladder you always want to take one Prime Enzyme Support with each meal. If you eat a high fat meal, I would take one at the beginning of the meal and at the end.

      Also make sure it is not just any enzyme, the oxbile which is the enzyme to break down fats is the key and this is not in most formulas.

      You're welcome on the meals.

    2. Thanks! I have these, but forget to take them.. so just took one now with breakfast :)

  18. does it matter if I have my one shake/day in the morning or evening?

  19. Yesterday's meals:
    Breakfast: Clearvite with coconut milk and blueberries
    Lunch: Chicken sausage with kale and chicken fat in crock pot
    Snack: Avocado with sweet potato chips and a coconut water
    Dinner: Steak burrito minus the tortilla, cheese and rice.
    Snack: Clearvite with coconut milk and blueberries

  20. Hey Glen, Thank you for reminding us about getting enough fat in. I am paying more attention to my fat intake and increasing it. I am more satisfied with my meals and it's making a difference in inches lost!

    1. Way to go Diane! Isn't it amazing how we all so often forget the most basics aspects of our nutrition? I do the same thing with "forgetting" fat myself...