Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do I Stay Healthy While Traveling?

by Glen Depke

So what is one of the most unhealthy environments you can spend many hours in? How about an airplane? Most of us already know this but this is a regular part of travel whether business or personal. Since this unhealthy environment is such a regular part of our life, how do we stay healthy while we travel?

Well, it starts before you leave. The first challenge that we typically create for ourselves is the chaos before the trip. Often it is trying to get ahead at work or at home to make up for the time away. This often leads to many last minute needs such as packing, taking care of lose ends at the office or home, which of course leads to added stress and often a lack of proper sleep before you leave. Come on be honest, have you ever pulled an all nighter prior to vacation because you were not finished with all your necessary pre-trip chores. Maybe the only packing you did was to take out your suit case. This is very real for so many.

To shift this, the next time you are going on a trip, take out a notepad and create a list for everything you have to do and everything you need to pack. Once you have this list go into your computer and create a check list for your pre-travel needs and your packing needs. When you know you are traveling soon, take this list out a week early and begin going through your check list. This will allow you to move through the pre-trip routine without stress and hopefully allow you to enjoy quality sleep throughout this process.

If traveling itself stresses you out make deep belly breathing a regular part of this time to assist in releasing stress overall. Remember, you cannot take a deep belly breath and be stressed out at the same time.

When it comes to travel day there are also some simple tips that can assist in supporting your health and vitality.

· Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking one quart of purified water per 50 pounds of body weight throughout the day

· Stay away from sugary foods as they suppress immune function

· Bring your own healthier snacks such as

o Organic nuts and seeds

o Flaked coconut

o Dehydrated fruit

o Raw carrots or celery

o Organic Jerky

· Prior to getting on the plane I would recommend taking the following supplements

o 1000mgs of vitamin C and take that same amount every 4 hours on your travel day

o 2 droppers full of Pure Liquid Zinc with the meal prior to your trip

o 100mgs of CoQ10 with the meal prior to your trip and another 100mgs with a later meal

o Take your multivitamin not only with your pre-trip meal but also with all your meals on the travel day for extra nutrient support

· Be sure to bring your regular probiotic and digestive enzymes with on your trip to maintain a healthy GI tract understanding that approximately 80% of your immune function originates in your GI

· Get up often on the plane and move as a stimulant for your neurological system

· Wash your hands often on travel day

· Do not touch your eyes, ears and nose without a tissue to keep any invaders far from easy access to your body

· Don’t forget your deep breathing on your travel day

Follow these simple tips and enjoy your travels. If you are a business traveler, you will be at your best when your health is at its best and for the leisure traveler, this will allow you to get the most out of your free time. We take vacations to unwind and have fun, not to spend the time suffering with health challenges.

If you have any tips that you use yourself that differ from mine, please share these below with our viewers.

Let’s hear it for healthy travels!

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