Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update on Leaky Gut

by Glen Depke

Yes, I am a Traditional Naturopath and I have a strong focus on my own health and wellness but I am still human and fall into some challenging cycles at times. I found myself in one of these cycles and recognized that I my life contained many of the mechanisms that create leaky gut and I also had more than a few of the red flags. Since this was the case, I made the decision to dive into the 30 day leaky gut protocol.

First I was a bit apprehensive due to the dietary restrictions but just a few days into this, I found some new food choices that I really enjoyed and will continue to implement when my protocol is finished. As a side note, my wife Dawn is also on this with me and she is logging our meals to create plans and food charts for our clients. This will assist in implementing the 30 day nutritional plan.

The supplementation aspect of the protocol is relatively easy as long as you can maintain the necessary schedule of taking some gut healing supplements through the day.

So I have been on the leaky gut protocol for 12 days now and have to say that I am thoroughly pleased with my results to date. The last time I weighed myself on day 8, I had lost 13 pounds so far. Now understand that I am not starving and have not missed a meal and can snack if needed. I was not at my optimal weight going in, so this weight loss was a pleasant bonus for me.

Beyond the weight loss, I can share that my colon has been making some adjustments. While at times, the consistency of my bowel movements have been well, inconsistent; overall I can see my colon habits begin to reach a new level of improvement. Understand that my bowel movements were in a positive space to begin with but seeing further improvement is another pleasant surprise.

Here’s the big one for me though. I feel amazing! I have reached a state of overall wellbeing that was not expected. I typically wake up without an alarm and I recognize that I am waking up consistently about an hour earlier than normal and I am rocked and ready to go. This is unbelievable, yet so completely enjoyable. My energy is maintained through the day and I cannot say enough how good this feels.

Remember that I already have many other levels of my health in balance, so this process may be different from one individual to another. Even with that said, if you can enjoy half the success I have, this may be a huge shift for you.

That’s the update for now. I will continue to update as a progress through this protocol and hope to have my wife Dawn share her experiences also.

Until next time…

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  1. Dr Glen Depke

    How is your leaky gut protocol coming? My health is not in optimal shape. My complaints are chronic fatigue (unable to work for significant period of time), allergies to supplements and foods, occasional pain in the neck and chest. I have read a lot about leaky gut. I am not a doctor nor do i have any objective data right now, but i suspect probably leaky gut might explain my complaints.

    I don't want to do self diagnosis and self treatment.
    How should i tell my doctor about leaky gut possibly explain my complaints?

    Please reply to my comment.

    Amogh Rajanna

  2. Hello Amogh,

    I am on my last day of the protocol and I must say I am feeling amazing! I have lost about 20 pounds while never restriction the quantity of food I ate. The amount of sleep needed has decreased and I have an incredible amount of energy from the time I wake and throughout the day.

    It is a tough sell to a conventional doctor because leaky gut is not a typical diagnosis due to the fact that there is not a pharmaceutical formulated for this challenge currently. The other challenge is that generally speaking a conventional doctor will not know how to address this naturally either.

    Do you work with a natural health practitioner by any chance or only a conventional doctor?