Sunday, July 31, 2011

The "C" Word?

by Glen Depke

One of the first communications shared with somebody that has been diagnose with the "C" word, is that we are not going to fight this, I will assist in teaching how to live in harmony with this. Think about it, we have a lot of wars. The war on drugs, the war on cancer and wars with other countries. Do we really ever win any of these wars? The answer is no! There are more drugs, more cancer and more wars. We are not winning anything!

So what do I mean by living in harmony with cancer? Understand that if you are living, breathing and reading this article; you have cancer cells in your body. Hopefully for most of you, you are living in harmony with these cells and your own body's immune function is doing its job to be sure that harmony is maintained. If this is the case, there will not be an issue for you. Now if that harmony is not maintained, this can and often leads to significant issues for many and often death.

So how do you address this without a fight? To answer this question, let me tell you of an experience with a client some years ago.

I had this client that had multiple symptom challenges but was not diagnosed with the "C" word. We reviewed the Depke Wellness protocols; they were assessed as significantly gluten intolerant, addressed simple fundamentals of health and assessed their adrenal function. This client began to follow the recommendations as discussed and then about 2 or so weeks into the protocols, they shared that they wanted to visit a conventional physician to get a "proper" diagnosis. They said, "What if I have the Big "C", you would want to know that so it can be addressed specifically?" I think my response shocked this client. First of all, I was very supportive of getting a diagnosis. Often when any diagnosis is made it can create another level of urgency for clients to take the steps needed to get into balance. What they were most shocked by though was my response to the factor of me having a diagnosis of the Big "C". I said there really would not be much that we would do differently whether you are diagnosed or not.

You see, I never feel that the diagnosis is the issue. It is all the imbalances that lead to the symptoms and diagnosis that is truly the issue.

Through my years of working with clients, many of which were diagnosed with the "C" word, it is recognized that it is never ONE thing that creates this. There is generally a host of imbalances within the body that have lead to this. When these are addressed systematically and in the steps necessary for healing, the body can create harmony again. Here is a list of typical imbalances that I have seen with those diagnosed with the "C" word.
  • Overall lack of proper fundamentals of health
  • Typically a significant challenge with emotional suppression
  • At least a stage II if not a stage III adrenal exhaustion
  • Overall gut challenges on some level
  • These gut challenges suppress immune function
  • Poor brain health
  • Often living within a toxic body
These are the areas that are recognized for most, if not all of the clients I have seen in the past that were diagnosed with cancer. So you can see that the "C" word is really not the issue, this is really the representation of multiple issues that need to be addressed. Thankfully you can address these, allow your body to find it's balance and heal itself. Understand that nobody heals you, your own innate healing ability has the capacity to do the job when you give it what it needs and take away your current challenges.
If you have any questions about this article feel free to leave a post below and I will address this personally. If you would like to learn more about the Depke Wellness protocols, we do offer a complimentary 20 minute phone session for you. To receive this complimentary session, feel free to call 949.954.6226 to set up your appointment with Glen Depke of Depke Wellness personally.

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