Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Putting Out the Fire!

by Glen Depke

If you have followed our newsletter for some time you recognize the focus that we often have on women’s health and hormones. Today we are going to take this a step further for women with premenopausal or menopausal symptoms to assist in taking the necessary steps to put out the fire of your symptom challenges.

Let’s first understand that these symptoms are not linear. Premenopause or menopause is not only an endocrine dysfunction, even though it is often treated as one by conventional and alternative medicine alike. 

These symptoms are a Neuroendocrine Immunological Disorder and need to be treated as such.

During premenopause and menopause years, there is a very steep and dramatic drop in the level of women’s health almost across the board.  During this time, challenges such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis and autoimmune disease are significantly increased. Many of the symptoms that are initially recognized will be hot flashes, vaginal dryness, changes in skin tone, depression, poor concentration, poor memory, irregular periods, hair loss or thinning, pain, inflammation, weight gain, decreased cognitive function and dysglycemia.

What really irks me is the fact that this does not need to happen, yet it continues! 

As many of you that have read my posts in the past, the key to moving through this period with ease is the health of your adrenal function as well as your focus on the fundamentals of health.

If you are already in the midst of these symptoms; I want you to recognize that it is not too late.
If you have already moved into this period of your life with poor adrenal function, you will begin to experience estrogen fluctuations which often lead to hot flashes as well as the other symptoms mentioned above. Due to the loss of hormonal balance, your immune system “winds up” and causes a cytokine rise. This rise leads to inflammation, further immune challenges and eventual neurodegeneration. 

Long term, this can lead to further inflammation, increased cytokine production, a breakdown in the blood/brain barrier, glia cell up regulation in the brain, further fluctuations in hormones, increased HPA axis activity, limbic system imbalances that often lead to anger and rage, and further immune system challenges. I know that some of this may get a bit technical, but get that this is creating challenges with your hormones, immune system and brain function collectively.
Also remember that estrogen deficiency has been shown to enhance the responsiveness of cells towards inflammatory cytokine receptor number and messengers which amplifies the inflammatory effects.

Enough said; it is time to put out the fire!

There is a big question though, “how do you put this fire out?”

The best way to address this is to use a combination of 3 supplements which includes Nitric Balance, Ultra D and Glutathione Recycler. Together these will assist in balancing the immune system function, shift you out of the inflammatory states, increasing blood flow, increasing brain function, stimulating cellular energy production as well as providing the necessary antioxidant properties needed. This along with addressing any gut challenges as well as proper nutrition can and typically does put out this fire so you can continue creating balance as needed.
For women severely challenged with hot flashes, I also recommend a supplement called Estrovite to balance the estrogen fluctuations that lead to these hot flashes. Remember that it is the fluctuation of estrogen that creates the hot flashes. This is why women will often continue to suffer with hot flashes even though they have introduced bio-identical hormones.

Also understand that this can be a roller coaster ride but as you continue to put out the fire and get a deeper understanding of the triggers that lead to your symptoms, you can eventually get your health back and move into your state of balance and happiness desired.

To learn more about the protocols used by Depke Wellness at Impact Health & Wellness, I welcome you to register here for a FREE 20 minute phone consultation to discuss this with me personally.

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