Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Death of a Woman

by Glen Depke

It is recognized that during the life transition known as menopause, there is a significant decrease in the health and wellness for most women in our culture. This is due to the fact that most women move into menopausal years in a state of adrenal exhaustion. There are many different factors that tie into adrenal exhaustion, which is a subject in and by itself. If the adrenals are not in adequate function moving into this life transition, this leads to the possibility of increase of cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, and autoimmune disease. The typical symptoms initially felt for women that move into menopuase are listed below.
  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Changes in skin tone
  • Depression
  • Poor concentration and memory
  • Irregular periods
  • Hair loss and thinning
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased cognitive function 
  • Blood sugar imbalance
When I refer to the drop in health and wellness for women at this time, it is recognized that during a woman's life span, there will generally be a very slow and gradual decline in health known as the natural aging process. But when women enter the transition of menopause without healthy adrenal function, there is a very steep and dramatic drop in the health of a woman during the period of this transition. So there are two ways to address this. Either get your adrenals into optimal health prior to menopause or put out the fire of your symptoms and take the necessary steps balance this neuroendocrine, immunology dysfunction. 

As a woman, if you can move into this transition with a balance of your fundamentals of health and healthy adrenals this can potentially make all the difference in the world. You can continue the slow and steady aging process rather then the steep and dramatic drop off or this "death."
Understanding that once you are in the midst of these symptoms and health challenges created at this time, it is not only a hormonal issue. It truly is a brain, hormone, immune, gut, and adrenal issue. When address properly, you can find your balance once again and live a life of health and happiness.

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