Monday, April 9, 2012

Is Your Fat Really Fat?

by Glen Depke

While of course your fat is fat, but often what we think is fat is really inflammation. This inflammation not only looks bad on our bodies, it creates significant health challenges also.

Let's learn more about this non-fat fat, AKA, chronic inflammation.

Today is going to be rich in experience rather than rich in research. After all, results is what we are all looking for, right?

Well, here are my recent results.

I started taking two powerful supplements almost 2 months ago that I refer to as the Anti-Inflammatory Kings. To learn more about these click here.

Before I get into the supplements and my results, let me provide my starting point for you.

I have lived with 30 plus years of knee pain and inflammation. While I have found some relief over the years with the multitude of protocols I have used for this, same results. The most troublesome in my mind was the pain. A day on the golf course or a tough work out would place me in the expected pain response for the whole day. This was just life as I knew it.

The other more acute challenge was in regard to weight. I was still carrying some of the holiday habits into 2012 and I was about 20 pounds over my preferred weight. Of course I felt that this was 20 pounds of additional fat on my body.

About 2 months ago I added the two supplements Reservo Active and Tumero Active, which are the proclaimed Anti-Inflammatory Kings. One month into the use of the supplements, I also started the "More Than Just Weight Loss" program with my wife as well as a large committed group. This plan eliminates all potential inflammatory foods, while still providing you with ample allowable foods. The fun part is the fact that there is zero calorie or quantity restriction to the food list. So I could eat as much as I would want as long as I stay in the allowable food list.

Here I am just under 30 days after the start of the program and I can golf and workout in the same day, with no pain or inflammation. I honestly did not think this would ever be possible again.

Not only this but I have already lost 16 pounds, but I can guarantee it is not all fat. I would be willing to bet that I lost about 10 to 12 pounds of inflammation and about 4 to 6 pounds of body fat. There is no way you can eat this much food and loss so many inches on your body so quickly with fat loss. Not without starving yourself of course. Heck I can even wear more than just my "fat" pants now. You know what I mean...LOL!

This feels so good I just had to share an experience that you too can enjoy. 

Obviously results may vary based on the longevity of your chronic health states, but the combination of the Anti-Inflammatory Kings as well as eliminating inflammatory foods, has changed my life.

Are you next?

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