Monday, February 4, 2013

Astounding Results

by Glen Depke

First of all, to everyone that was able to make it to this past weekend's lecture by Dr Chi on fingernail and tongue diagnosis thank you for playing such an important role in the huge success of this weekend. I also want to congratulate those that were able to get in to see Dr Chi for personal consultations, because you truly are a part of the astounding results.

So what am I referring to when I am talking about astounding results?

The results, which were astounding, is the awareness that was created for almost 70 people this weekend with their one on one consultations as well as so many more that attended the lecture. That awareness was to uncover hidden health challenges before they manifest into a significant health issue. Of course I had a personal one on one session and discovered that I have likelihood of stroke, less than optimal circulation, estrogen dominance as well as some liver, prostrate and GI issues. Now while some would think this would be negative, I am so excited to know about this prior to it ever being a symptomatic and honestly life altering issue. This way I can address this right now, so this is not an issue for me later in life. That is exciting!

I sat down with Dr Chi on Sunday morning before the second day of consultations to discuss the most common challenges that were uncovered by the fingernail and tongue diagnosis. So let's discuss these common challenges and provide you the tools needed to achieve your own astounding results.

One of the biggest issues was with estrogen dominance. This truly is a significant issue for both men and women these days. I see this with regularity when I am testing hormone panels with my clients. One of the biggest issues with estrogen dominance is that many or maybe most of you reading this article are actually overproducing an enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme actually converts testosterone into estrogen type hormones which can lead to many challenges but specifically breast or prostate cancers if not addressed. 

So how can you use the fingernail, tongue and body assessment to recognize the estrogen dominance.

Cherry Angioma
First look at your nails. Do you have white specs on your nails? While many have heard that this is a zinc or other mineral deficiencies, this can mean so much more. If you have these white specs in your nails along with cherry angiomas on the trunk of your body, this is the tell tale sign of estrogen dominance. If you have these signs and this has not been address as a part of your health journey, get some attention ASAP for yourself. As a side note, if you have these cherry angiomas anywhere on your head this is a sign for a likelihood of stroke. This would be addressed also along with circulation that we will discuss later in this article.

I can also share that Dr Chi has used a product for years to successfully assist the body in creating a balanced estrogen levels called Myomin. This is something that I am using personally to address my imbalances and have seen this provide significant results for so many of my clients. I had a couple of clients recently that were toxic in estradiol and in about 3 months on the Myomin they are no longer toxic in this hormone. Yes, ONLY 3 months!

I believe in the Myomin so strongly that I have made this the featured supplement on my newsletter this week at a discount of $5.00 off per bottle and as always with Depke Wellness, shipping and handling is free. If you have these markings, be sure to get back to the newsletter and order your Myomin today.

The next big issue is circulation. So many individuals simply do not have good circulation and this is a huge issue. Understand that if your circulation is challenged, your body will have a very difficult time getting blood to the extremities and especially the smaller capillaries in the feet, hands and the head. You may notice this by cold hands or feet, maybe a numbness or tingling of the hands or feet or a lack of clarity, mental function or mood swings. Any of these would be symptoms of poor circulation.

This may sound like a silly question but why is circulation so important? 
  • Circulation allow for nutrient uptake to your cells
  • Allows for waste removal from your cells
  • Brings oxygen to your cells
  • Removal of carbon dioxide
  • This is the system of travel for your immune system 
  • Also the system of travel for all your hormones
  • And so much more, but you get the picture...
So how can you tell if circulation is lacking based on fingernail and tongue assessments?

Take a look at your nails specifically and look for the "moons." In fingernail and tongue assessment these would actually be referred to as your laluna. This are the small half moons at the base of the nail that you should see on your thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger. The largest should be on your thumb and go down in size until the smallest is on the ring finger. Note that there should not be a laluna on your pinkie finger.

If you do not have these laluna, understand that circulation is an issue for you and this will significantly hinder any progress for you in your journey to health and happiness. There are many ways to address based on lifestyle and supplemental regiments. If this is already an issue for you, I recommend both lifestyle and supplement use. You will want to shift this as quickly as possible and lifestyle alone is too slow of a process. Regardless of who you address this with, address it. This is so important!

The other common challenge is with the pancreas and insulin resistance. These challenges are recognized by teeth marks on the side of the tongue. If your teeth marks are mild to moderate, this would be a sign of insulin resistance and/or challenges with the pancreas but if these markings are very deep this could also be a sign of kidney issues. This is an important sign to recognize, because it is a definite advantage to address insulin resistance before this develops into type II diabetes and deeper issues.

Fingernail, tongue and body assessment is a way to understand what your body is telling you. This will allow you to make the necessary lifestyle and supplemental choices to ward off significant health issues currently and down the line. When discussing chronic illness, it is always better to address this before you are living with the pain and suffering of symptom challenges. 

Don't wait...address your health now!

If you are interested in fingernail, tongue and body assessment, contact Depke Wellness at (949)954-6226. We offer a complimentary 20 minute session for all new clients.

If you have any comments or questions in regard to this article, please post this below for me to address personally.

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