Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Foundation of Health

We have already addressed all the fundamentals of health so today we will discuss the foundation of your health and wellness. The word I place on the foundation is simply energy. Some will categorize this as vibrational, some as spiritual, while others will express that it is a combination of both. I have heard many names attached to the energetic body such as; chi, qi, prana, vital force, life force, God, Buddha, Allah, Jesus Christ, Mother Nature or the universe. To me, it is not my job to judge what others categorize or call this energy, but it is my job to help you understand that to reach optimal health and wellness, this energy needs to be moving through you in every moment of every day.

The most significant challenge that I have seen in my practice over the years, in regard to energy, is tied into suppressed emotions. The way I explain this is that suppressed emotions block energy. When energy is physically blocked in the body, this will lead to disharmony. Long standing disharmony leads to dysfunction and finally dysfunction leads to a recognized dis-ease state.

With this in mind it is important to understand that even if you have a strong focus on your fundamentals of health, a weak foundation will hinder your progress. My analogy for this is comparing building a house to building your health. When building a house you have fundamentals such as bricks, lumber, roofing and such. To understand, if you build a great big beautiful house on top of a cracked, crumbled foundation, the house still falls down.

Let us help you put all of this together so you can allow your body to reach your health and wellness goals.

Feel free to share any comments or questions on this subject.

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