Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Movement is always one of the interesting fundamentals of health. Most feel that I am only talking about exercise, and while this is a part of it, this is not exclusive to exercise. One comment that I will make early about exercise, is that I recognize exercise generally lies within one of two extremes for most; either we do not get enough or we get too much. Both of these are challenges to our fundamentals.

Understand that the body is designed to move and if your daily job or activity does not include moving your body consistently, it will be important for you to move through exercise or with other daily routines. This does not have to be a one hour spin class, followed by thirty minutes of weight training and finished off with a two mile run. This could be gardening, housework, enjoying an outdoor walk, a fun bike ride with a friend of loved one. Simply put...find what you enjoy that involves movement and do this every day.

I am also talking about movement in other aspect of you body. As examples, you want proper movement of your colon, movement within your circulatory system and movement of every vertebrae of your spine. Movement is such a key fundamental of every aspect of who we are so make it a big part of your life.

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