Friday, January 22, 2010


To get your overall health and wellness on track is always a good idea to start with your digestive system. Obviously there is a high level of importance in breaking down, absorbing and assimilating the nutrients from your food properly. The other factor is the approximately 80% of your immune system function actually originates within the gastro intestinal tract.

So where is a good place to start? I suggest addressing the billions of tiny micro flora (beneficial bacteria) into your digestive system through the use of high quality probiotics.

These beneficial bacteria will aid in keeping your entire GI tract in optimal function while also assisting in improving immune function.

Recent studies also suggest that the use of a quality probiotic may also assist with fat loss in the body...just an added bonus.

In the history of any indigenous culture, we would have consumed naturally fermented food on a regular basis but this is simply no longer the case. Due to this lack of consumption of raw naturally fermented food, the need for taking a probiotic supplement is essential in my opinion.

I will share that not only do I recommend taking a daily probiotic to all of my clients but myself and my wife take them personally.

Some individuals have told me in the past that they do not need probiotics because they eat yogurt of kefir regularly. The big challenge with this is the understanding that our conventional dairy products are pasteurized which will destroy the beneficial bacteria. Dead bacteria does not provide any benefit; the bacteria needs to be alive and active. If you are consuming the yogurt or kefir raw, you would enjoy the bacterium benefit but unfortunately there is a low percentage of people enjoying raw dairy. As a side note, there is a raw dairy subject also on this blog.

If you are not already taking a quality probiotic or consuming raw naturally fermented foods regularly, it is time to start.


  1. Thanks for this important intro to probiotic health Glen. We've traditionally associated the concept of "probiotics" with the digestive system, but scientists are now discovering that "friendly" bacteria have crucial roles throughout our bodies.

    Professor John Tagg has been studying BLIS K12 (a probiotic bacteria that lives in the mouth) for over 30 years and has found that it protects from infections that cause strep throat, bad breath and even ear ache.

  2. Thank you for sharing this comment and I would be completely behind these thoughts. Probiotics are such an intergral part of our health and wellness.

  3. LOVE my probiotic supplement! Our family loves them since our little boy had such severe Eczema and food intolerance from the time he was an infant until he was three. We had exhausted all avenues in trying to help him through conventional medicine and when it just was not helping and seeming that he was getting worse, sick and weak - we KNEW we needed to search deeper into natural remedies. We were told about Vidazorb chewables and immediately started him on them. It was only a matter of days and we began seeing such a big difference! He was looking better and feeling better and soon was able to not only eat more foods - but his skin kept clearing up!! We firmly believe in the power of probiotics and now I take them as well as both of our kids! Love your article on this!!

  4. Hello Smilinggreenmom,

    I am so thankful you brought up children. Far too many people feel that it is only adults that need the assistance of a good quality probiotic. As we know the children in most cultures have many challenges with their GI tract and would significantly benefit from a quality probiotic. Far too often I have heard the excuse that the child will not take the capsule or if it is opened and added to the food, the taste is unpleasant.

    I have been fortunate to find a product from Germany called Kiddi Flora, which is wafer that dissolves in the mouth and kids love it. The real joy though, is watching the children’s benefit as seen through their happiness!

  5. Is there a certain brand of probiotic to take that is better then others. There are so many different kinds that have different amounts of CFU's, it gets confusing. Not only that but there's all the different kinds of different good bacteria, how do you know which kind you need?

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  7. Hello Lee,

    I can share that personally as well as with my clients, I use a probiotic called Ba-Co-Flor. This product comes from Germany and what I love about German products is that they are all standardized and pharmaceutical grade. This is due to the fact that in Germany, patients are treated with homeopathy, herbs and supplements long before drugs are used.

    I will share that I have been using this same probiotic for 10 years and I have only had one person not do very well with it.

    The blend is 2 billion organisms of Bacillus Coagulans bacteria. Far too many companies are more concerned with adding so many strains to appease the masses. The other marketing concept that many use is putting massive amounts of bacteria in their products. I have found that the correct amount of a powerful beneficial bacterium is what we are looking for.

    Unfortunately it is not available to the general public and is only sold through health professionals. If you want information on ordering this, please contact me at

  8. Thanks Glen. I been taking Udo's Choice Super 8 Hi Potency. I wasn't sure if that was too high or not as I've heard differing opinions on what the best amount of CFU's is for the body. My dad actually get's his made for him at a local pharmacy. Would that be the better way to get them done? Would that be considered "Pharmaceutical Grade"?

  9. Hello Lee,

    My general recommendation to my clients is to stick with their current probiotic if their digestive system is responding positively. If that is true with the Udo's product you are using, I would not change a think.

    The need for CFU's will depend on the individual and the current ratio of beneficial to detrimental bacteria. Often at the beginning, or loading phase as I call it, there is a need for much more bacteria; but this is then reduced to a maintenance amount. I will share that the product I recommend contains 2 billion CFU's.

    As far as your father's is concerned, that would be pharmaceutical grade.

  10. Thanks a lot Glen, I appreciate the feedback. I have to say the information on your site is great.