Thursday, January 7, 2010

Six Steps to True Healing

The first step to true healing is to understand that we all make choices and the choices we make are made out of some level of falseness. So what do I mean by falseness?

Nobody knows absolutely everything about anything so we all have some level of potential non-truth. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that an individual has a low level of understanding in regard to nutrition, and they are eating the standard American diet of fast food. This choice would be due to the fact that this person may only understand about 5% of nutritional truth. If they educated themselves further to the point of 20% of nutritional truth, they may still eat fast food but they may skip the fries and get a diet soda. If they increase their nutritional knowledge to 35% truth, they may realize that the diet soda is actually worse than the regular and switch to water. So even if you hold 95% truth in regard to nutrition, there is still a 5% chance that you are off on some level.

So step one is simply recognition that you make choices and there is a possibility that these choices may be creating ease or challenges.

Step two to come tomorrow.


  1. These are great and much appreciated. In all of our busy lives, we forget to take care of ourselves and these are gentle reminders of the simple things that we can do to feel better

    Thanks for doing this!

  2. You are welcome is our pleasure to assist in your health and wellness goals.

  3. The second step to true healing is to acknowledge that our choices will affect our overall health and wellness. This could manifest as potentionally positive or a negative, depending on the level of falseness involved in the decision making process.

    So with the first and second steps combined, we can recognize that the basis of our decisions can be questionable, even if we feel we have the best information, and that these decisions or choices are the predictors of our future health and wellness.

    You may have heard the old saying that our past determines our future. I always tell my clients that this simply is not true; our current choices determine our future.

    Tomorrow we will discuss the third step to true healing.

  4. OK, so now for the third step to true healing and to warn you; this is the step that many do not enjoy.

    Step three is taking responsibly for the state of health that you are currently living with. Based on the understandings of step one and two, recognize that we all make choices out of some level of falseness and these choices will have an effect on our health, one way or another.

    So no more blame or victim mentality, it is time to take responsibility for where you are at. The endearing aspect of this is to understand that if we made choices to be here, we then have the capability to choose differently to reach new goals and improved states of health.

    Tomorrow we will address step four to begin the process of change.

  5. Once you have an awareness of the first three steps it is time to move into the first action step, which is step four of true healing. Step four is to simply increase your levels of knowledge and understanding on any particular subject. Since the falseness from which you may be making your choices has led you down a path of challenges, it will be of utmost importance to increase levels of knowledge, thus lowering the levels of falseness involved.

    I can give you an example of this as tied into nutrition. Let’s say that you have a very low level of knowledge in regard to nutrition and you live your life on fast food. If you slightly increase levels of knowledge on nutrition you would become aware very quickly that your choices based on past levels of knowledge are creating challenges for you.

    Tomorrow we will discuss the second action step or step five in true healing.

  6. Step five in true healing is taking your new found knowledge and understanding and putting this into action. Unfortunately too many increase knowledge yet they do nothing with this.

    The action step is challenging for many because the do not impart the first four steps in true healing. Without the knowledge of the first four steps it is easy to create excuses for not creating change.

    Tomorrow we will discuss the sixth and final step to true healing and as you put these steps into practice you will see how significantly your life can change.

  7. The sixth and final step in true healing is to take your new found knowledge and understanding and moving forward with your action step, long term and consistent enough to create new patterns. Once you have developed a new pattern, you will not need to continue conscious thoughts to continue your new and improved states of perfection.

    As an example for this I can share that when I was younger, I was one of those individuals that ate fast food often. Since I have gone through all the steps of true healing in this regard my conscious mind does not even recognize this as a viable food source. I have lived in Southern California for a year now and I can honestly say that I do not know where the nearest "golden arches" is located. Because of my patterns, I do not even see them.

    You too can heal any aspect of your life with these six steps. Feel free to respond with any questions or comments.

  8. Isn't the amount of change possible dictated by the choices I have made in my past unawareness?

  9. Hi Quiltgal,

    The amount of change possible is dictated by the levels of new knowledge and understanding that you expose to yourself, the choice to implement this new understanding and knowledge as well as the consistency by which this is implemented.

    Sometimes the hard part is staying consistent.

  10. Consistency is definitely the hard part! What would be some good ways to stay consistent?
    Thank you.

  11. Hello Quiltgal,

    The best advice I can give to create consistency is to break down your days into moments. Far too often we focus on the thought of, "I have to do it this way for the rest of my life". That thought itself is far too overwhelming for most. When you start breaking down everything into moments, which is the only way our life truly exists anyway, your new choices will become much more manageable. Don't think about the rest of your life, next year, next month, next week, or even later in the day. Think of right now! When you start stringing these choices in the moment together, you will wake up one day a changed individual.

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