Thursday, January 27, 2011

Air Purifying Plants

by Glen Depke

When I discuss the air we breathe I am generally talking about the importance of deep belly breathing and allow proper oxygen intake for the cells of your body. As you have heard me mention this many time before, this deep breathing is essential for you to thrive in your life and unfortunately most people live a life of short, shallow breaths which only allows for survival. To learn more about deep belly breathing click here to review a post from last year on this subject.

So today I want to talk a bit about the quality of the air we breathe. While it would be awesome if we could live on a pristine mountainside and breathe pure, fresh air; this is not real for most of us. Do to the poor quality air that we are exposed to on a regular basis, it is important to improve this in any way possible. I feel that the best way to create a shift in your air quality is to utilize air purifying plants. Below is a list of the best plants to assist in cleaning up the air you breathe.

• Areca Palm
• Lady Palm
• Bamboo Palm
• Rubber Plant
• Dracaena
• English Ivy
• Dwarf Date Palm
• Ficus Alii
• Boston Fern
• Peace Lily

Utilize these plants in the all the rooms of your house and office and put the most significant number in the rooms you spend your most time in, such as your bedroom, office and kitchen.

These will not only help improve your quality of air but also provide other positive stimulating factors for your life.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post below.

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